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Hello! I’m Emma, welcome to ‘Our Fairytale Adventure’, the online scrapbook of our adventures as a family of four.

At home with Mr & Miss. C - Family photo


A bit about our family

Our family life has been a bit of an unexpected whirlwind. I met Mr. C in my final year of university, where I was studying journalism. Shortly after completing my degree, moving back to my hometown and starting my first graduate job, we found out we were unexpectedly expecting Bear. It was a bumpy time trying to navigate our path, we lived on opposite sides of the UK and struggled to agree where to set down roots. Nevertheless, we eventually came to an agreement and found our perfect first family home nestled in the English countryside. It was a bit of a mess and needed a lot of work doing, but we managed to finish the main renovations days before Bear arrived and now we would struggle to call anywhere else home. The transition to being parents turned out to be a lot easier than we expected and as our original life plans had been changed already, we decided to go the whole hog and had our second baby who we have lovingly nicknamed Monkey.



A bit about ‘Our Fairytale Adventure’

I launched ‘Our Fairytale Adventure’ back in September 2015. I wanted to have somewhere to record our adventures, write down my thoughts and have somewhere to keep our special memories. Over time the blog has grown and developed and is now full of wonderful family moments and adventures, that are being continually added to each week.


We have a few exciting things in the pipeline for 2018, including venturing into the world of video. We launched our YouTube channel last year, but will be putting a lot more focus on it this year.

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A bit about our adventures

Now we have found our feet and the children are that little bit older, we have decided to pack our bags, grab our passports and start exploring the world.


The boys are no longer babies, so we decided to sell all of their old baby products to fund a Northern European road trip that took us from the UK to Denmark and back again. We drove over 2000 miles, through 7 countries, visiting cities, hiking mountains and ending our trip in the magical Disneyland Paris.


Hiking in the Harz Mountains, Northern Germany

A day at Disneyland Paris with toddlers


It is safe to say we definitely caught the travel bug and on our return, sold our unused belongings stuffed away in cupboards to fund a short adventure to Italy.


Since then we’ve been working really hard to gather the funds for our next big adventure… travelling around South East Asia. We are planning to go for four months, but you never know what could happen and when those four months are up… we may decide to keep on exploring.

Our Fairytale Adventure - Travelling



Thanks for stopping by, have a good browse and do feel free to get in touch. It’s always nice to hear from new friends.


Emma x

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3 thoughts on “About us

  1. Hi there. Came across your blog and enjoyed reading through some of your posts. I would not have thought you were a young mum at 24. I was 31 having our daughter and I was one of the youngest in my NCT group… That was definitely an eye-opener. Loved the 3am mummy post..boy do I know how that feels as Aliki is only 11 months, so 3am is often party time in addition to cuddle time! Good luck, it’s a tough job but someone has to parent sensibly!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment. Sometimes it is so difficult to forget how precious these moments are through the sleep deprivation but one day we will look back on all of the moments and be so thankful for them 🙂

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