** Penguin Pile Up review **

We love a good games night in our house and over the years our games cupboard has filled up. We generally find that a lot of games catered to young children don’t have a long play time and aren’t particularly challenging, meaning the boys lose interest relatively quickly.  That was until we were sent Penguin Pile Up, which is the fun new family game that encourages children to learn about balance and weight distribution.

Penguin Pile Up review


Penguin Pile Up does take a little bit of assembly, with the penguins coming in three parts that need to be put together before play. Although, Bear quite liked helping clip them all together and when working as a team, it didn’t take too long.

Penguin Pile Up review



How to play Penguin Pile Up

Once the game is assembled, the penguins are divided equally between the players. The aim of the game is to place all of your penguins onto the wobbly ice block before the other players. Any penguins that tumble from the ice block during your turn of play have to be collected and added to your pile. The player who places all of their penguins onto the wobbly ice block first wins the game.


Our thoughts on Penguin Pile Up

We had such fun playing Penguin Pile Up and found that play lasted for a reasonably long time. We often find that children’s games catered for younger audiences tend to have a short play time, so finding something that lasts longer and takes a while to play is great.

Penguin Pile Up review

Penguin Pile Up review


Although a great game for younger children, there are two levels of difficultly that mean the game is also challenging enough for older children as well.


We found that the longer the game was in play, the more difficult it became. Some of the platforms are slanted, so once we had placed penguins on the flatter surfaces, we had to use initiative to balance penguins in certain positions to prevent them from falling down.


Penguin Pile Up is a great family game to play and is definitely one we recommend for a family night in making memories.


Penguin Pile Up retails at £19.99 an is for ages 4+.


Note: We were sent Penguin Pile Up in return for an honest review.


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