** Chapatti and curry cookery class for two review **

Since returning from our trip around South East Asia we have been craving authentic curries. Curries that have the perfect blend of spices, beginning with a burst of sweetness that melts away, giving room for a fresh kick of spice. We’ve spent hours looking for recipes online, but none of our attempts of recreating that spicy asian cuisine has come close to what we were aiming for.  It seemed that what we needed was was expert guidance in the art of curry making and what better way to do just that, than on a day date to a three hour chapatti and curry cooking class for two.

Chapatti and curry cookery class for two review


We booked our curry cooking class for two through Buy a Gift, which is a provider of experience days, that can cater to a range of interests and budgets. They have a number of difference experiences to choose from, ranging from theatre tickets to flying lessons and so when they contacted us about reviewing one of their packages, it didn’t take long to settle on the three hour chapatti and curry cookery class for two.


Booking through Buy a Gift was incredibly easy. I simply logged onto their website using the address provided in my experience package and entered the code on the card provided. This gave me access for the direct number of the organiser of the cookery class.


Booking our curry cookery class

Numbers are an incredibly important factor to if the class goes ahead, so when booking we were told that the date we had booked onto may be changed at a later date. The times were also subject to change, but we were assured it would be morning. We received an email close to the dated our class to confirm that the class was going ahead. We did contact the agent about the time, but didn’t receive a reply and arrived at the time originally set, which was 9:30am.


On arrival at the location we did had a slight issue with the time and the receptionist informed us that the class wasn’t due to start until 11am. We don’t often go out on day dates, so we took the opportunity to take a trip into Manchester city centre and grabbed a coffee while we waited for the class to start.


We then received a call at 10:38am telling us the class had started and that we were late, so we instantly made our way back to the centre where the class was being held.



The curry cookery class

We arrived to a cookery class in full swing, so stood at our station awaiting instruction. We didn’t really know what everyone else was doing, but thankfully someone who was also attending the class caught us up to speed.


We started by making the dough for the chapatti, kneading and adding water before placing it to the side. We then spent some time learning about different spices and their properties before being shown how to make the perfect curry. Once we had made and tested our curries, we were then shown how to make a chapatti.

Chapatti and curry cookery class for two review

Chapatti and curry cookery class for two review

Chapatti and curry cookery class for two review



Our thoughts on the three hour chapatti and curry cookery class for two

After the initial unsettled start, we quickly got into the swing of things. We loved learning about the properties of different spices and even picked up a beauty tip or two how to use them to boost radiance and improve skin. The tutor Yasmin was so knowledgable and helped us learn about how to to get the best from our spices.


Having the class split into sections meant that we could spent time learning how to make the chapatti and curries, then having the time in our couples or groups to enjoy the experience together. When we cook at home one of us is always the chef, but we really enjoyed our time cooking together, which I’m sure that will inspire a new style of date night in the future.

Chapatti and curry cookery class for two review

Chapatti and curry cookery class for two review


Although we didn’t start the class on the best foot, we really enjoyed our three hour chapatti and curry cookery class for two with Yasmin and would recommend it to anyone looking to try something a little different.


Shared experiences are a wonderful way to stay connected to those closest to us, but are also a great way to reach out and make new connections. In a world of so much waste when it comes to material objects, gifting experiences and sharing moments together make for a truly magical gifting experience.


Note: We were gifted a three hour chapatti and curry cookery class for two in return for an honest review.


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