Cruelty free makeup | Charlotte Tilbury review

At the end of last year I made the decision to start thinking more carefully about the cosmetic products I use. To be more specific, I made the decision to start thinking more carefully about the processes it takes to produce the cosmetic products I use and began buying cruelty free. After our travels around South East Asia, my make up box was looking a bit sparse and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to invest in some cruelty free make up. I’d seen a lot of Charlotte Tilbury ads on my social media and after discovering it is a cruelty free brand, decided to bite the bullet and indulged in a bit Charlotte Tilbury make up haul.

Cruelty free makeup | Charlotte Tilbury haul review


Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation (£32)

At the beginning of the year I bought a new contour palette that didn’t agree with my skin and caused a severe outbreak. I’ve since stopped using the contour palette, but my skin is now covered in blemishes along the contour line under my cheekbones. I also have difficult combination skin, which means my chin area can get oily at the same time as my nose area being dry. Finding a foundation to literally cover all bases is no easy feat.


Unfortunately The Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation hasn’t been my saving grace. I’ve personally found it dres too quickly and can look a bit patchy it I don’t blend it in time. It also looks a bit flakey around dry areas (even when used with the wonder glow primer) and larger pores aren’t even remotely covered. To be honest the general the coverage is just lacking and I wouldn’t rush out to buy it again.

Cruelty free makeup | Charlotte Tilbury haul review

Cruelty free makeup | Charlotte Tilbury haul review - Foundation review


Filmstar bronze and glow in Light to medium shade (£49)

I’ve tried a number of contour and sculpting palettes over the years, but this is by far my favourite.   The bronzed sculpting part is perfect for natural contouring and is a dream to build up on. During the day I just use a dusting and for nights out I build on it gradually to create a deep, structured look. The highlighter is perfect for subtle highlighting and reflects light perfectly. I tend to sculpt, highlight and then add a bit of blush to the apple of my cheeks for an airy daytime feel. The powder is also incredibly light as well, so even with heavy use, the skin feels like it can breathe.

Cruelty free makeup | Charlotte Tilbury haul review


Airbrush Flawless Finish in Medium shade (£34)

The Airbush Flawless Finish powder is light, breathable, buffers away blemishes and corrects any overdone highlighter. That said I can’t say I’m blown away by the product and I’m sure there are much cheaper ones on the market that are relatively similar. However the main thing that makes this powder stand out is how far a little bit of product can go. I’ve been using this nearly everyday for three months and it looks like it has barely been used.


Luxury Palette Exaggereyes (£39)

Before I start, it seems this particular palette is no longer in stock but I wanted to share my thoughts as there a number of similar ones still available. I absolutely adore this eyeshadow palette and will be making a point of extending my collection. The colours can be used to create a subtle daytime look or a natural, but intense evening look. The powders blend beautifully and make it easy to create professional looks without much skill. Each colour in this particular palette has a warm undertone, even the glitter fuelled shade. I’m already looking forward to purchasing my next palette, it is just a case of deciding which one to get next!

Cruelty free makeup | Charlotte Tilbury haul review - Eyeshadow palette



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Cruelty free makeup | Charlotte Tilbury haul review


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