**Brio Central Fire Station review**

The Brio Central Fire Station is perfect for encouraging imaginative play and is a great addition to any existing Brio set. The Brio Central Fire Station set needs little assembly and just needs the slide to be attached to the side of the fire station building before children can begin play. The set comes with the fire station building, a detachable slide, a piece of detachable wooden train track, two firefighter figures, two boxed hoses, a fire engine with siren and detachable carriage, a chainsaw figure and a flame figure.

Brio Central Fire Station set review

Fire engine - Brio Central Fire Station set

Brio Central Fire Station set


We are huge fans of Brio in our house and have a range of products that we have accumulated over the years, both newer sets such as the train shed and the classic figure 8 train set, to older pieces that have been handed down from Mr. C and are nearly 30 years old. During our second visit to Kuala Lumpur we visited Kidzania, which is a mini world where children can be anything they want. While there Bear chose to be a fireman, which meant he got to ride in a mini fire engine and use a hose to put out a pretend fire. This experience has sparked an interest in firefighting and has since become a common feature in imaginative play, so the Brio Central Fire Station set has been a welcomed addition to the existing Brio toys we have.


The set is incredibly detailed, which makes it perfect for imaginative play. The boys created a forest fire scenario using different toys (note that the trees and other vehicles are not part of the Brio Central Fire Station set), where they took the firefighters along the track in the fire truck to ‘cut away burnt trees’ and ‘hose down trees on fire’. They then created a different scene where one of the trains caught fire while at the station. The boys loved pushing the button on the fire engine to activate the siren noise as the fire engine made it’s way along the track to the fire. It was amazing watching them acting out different scenes and using their imaginations to create entire stories.

Boy playing with Brio Central Fire Station set

Imaginative play with Brio fire station

Boy playing with fire engine

Imaginative play with Brio fire station


What did we think of the Brio Central Fire Station set:

The Brio Central Fire Station set is perfect for encouraging budding imaginations and is great for helping children create their own stories. The boys have absolutely loved the new addition to their existing Brio sets and have had hours of fun creating new and exciting scenarios to act out. Personally I like how open ended play can be with Brio products and find they are often used alongside other toys and sets in our house to create a variety of different scenes and scenarios. Brio products do generally come with a slightly expensive price tag, but in our experience Brio toys are of really high quality and are the sort of toy that can be passed down through the generations for years of play. The Brio Central Fire station is no different and I can imagine it will be in with our Brio collection for many more years to come.


The Brio Central Fire Station set retails at £64.99 and is for ages 3+.


Note: We were sent the Brio Central Fire Station set in return for an honest review.


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Brio Central Fire Station Review


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