The English countryside and floral prints

It’s been a complete whirlwind since we touched back down on UK soil and we haven’t given ourselves much of a chance to breathe. In-between Mr. C returning back to work, the nursery run and an abundance of catch ups with our friends, we’ve not had much of a chance to spend quality time as a family. We started to feel ourselves being pulled back into the hectic, bustling pace that is so present in UK culture, so we decided to put the brakes on. Taking full advantage of the glorious springtime sunshine, we packed up a picnic, dug out a forgotten frisbee hidden in a crevice of the garage and headed down to a local riverbank to just be.

Quality family time in the English countryside

Quality family time in the English countryside

Quality family time in the English countryside


Spring is my favourite time of year in the United Kingdom. Woodlands are graced with carpets of bluebells, roadsides are adorned with wildflowers and grasses thrive at the sides of our riverbanks. I have so many fond memories of walking through woodlands with my grandad and flying kites on hilltops decorated with historic ruins and towering oak trees, so for me the English countryside is incredibly special. Having such fond memories of the English countryside only makes it even more wonderful that I am now able to make so many treasured memories there with my own children.A weekend in the English countryside


Now the sun is shining, it gives the perfect opportunity to spend more time in the country with my little tribe and it also means that I get to wear a light, springtime outfits as well. I love nothing more than wearing colourful, airy clothes for days of fun in the sunshine.

Springtime florals for a weekend in the English countryside

Springtime florals for a weekend in the English countryside

Springtime florals for a weekend in the English countryside


I’m not really one for high maintenance outfits and love piecing together looks that have a pop of colour, but are generally quite low key. I bought these shorts from Miss Selfridge when we got back to the UK and decided to dress it with a simple white vest, delicate gold necklace and white classic Vans. I love the light floral print that will carry so well into the warmer summer months and I thought the musty coloured yellow seemed so fitting with the English countryside.


Fingers crossed for a good summer, so we can spend more lazy weekends in the country and I get the perfect excuse for wearing more light and airy florals.


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The English countryside and floral prints


What do you wear for sunny days in the country? Let me know in the comments, on Twitter, Facebook of on Instagram. You can also follow me on Pinterest.

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9 thoughts on “The English countryside and floral prints

  1. Those short are gorgeous but the yellow would look awful on me :(! Blue would be awesome though. We’ve been trying to get outside to nature as much as possible but as we get nearer to winter we are staying home much more.

  2. I also love to wear florals and love those shorts they look gorgeous! Here here to more gorgeous sunny days so we can all wear our favourite summer threads!

  3. Love your floral shorts simple but effective. I lover floral print and enjoy a loose fitting play suit or dress as it is an outfit in one piece that you can just chuck on and feel free x

  4. I love floral prints especially with some spring time colours. This outfit looks fab on you. I bet it’s been such a shock to the system being back in the UK. I hope you have some more adventures planned soon.

  5. Your shorts are gorgeous, I love the yellow. It’s great to watch the little ones running around in the countryside on blissful summer days Hope you have a lovely summer x

  6. I love your shorts, I’m all about the mustard colour this year! Spring time is amazing in the countryside, I love all the bull rushes and the bluebells and my son really likes all the daffodils too.

  7. I look forward to seeing that English countryside in Spring someday! That outfit looks great on you! I have also started to venture into adding brighter colors to my wardrobe for the Summer:)

  8. Spring is also my favourite time of the year. Days are longer, it gets warmer and there’s colour everywhere! Those shorts are pretty and really suit you. I haven’t been to Miss Selfridge’s for years 🙂

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