Sand and Sky Brilliant Skin Pink Clay Mask Review

After pregnancy I really struggled with regular breakouts and spent a lot of time searching for a skincare routine that isn’t too harsh on my skin and doesn’t strip the skin of the moisture, while still clearing away dirt, pollution and make up each day. I’ve finally managed to get the breakouts a little more under control, but I’m still left with bright red blemishes and large pores from previous breakouts. I’ve tried exfoliating and facials but haven’t had much luck, until I came across Sand and Sky’s Brilliant Skin Pink Clay Mask.

Sand and Sky Brilliant Skin Pink Clay Mask Review

Sand and Sky Brilliant Skin Pink Clay Mask Review


The Sand and Sky Brilliant Skin Pink Clay Mask has been heavily promoted on social media, with ads regularly appearing in my social media feeds and influencers across the globe raving about it. I’m a bit of a sucker for products that get a lot of social media hype and it is a cruelty free product, so I thought I’d go ahead and give it a try.


The Sand and Sky Brilliant Skin Pink Clay Mask claims to refine pores, remove excess oil and help reduce acne scars, while still being kind to sensitive skin. I have combination skin, but it is also quite sensitive, so I was a bit dubious as to how kind it can be when tackling so many different skin problems.


On first impressions the packaging is actually quite bland and the mask isn’t exactly pink per se, but more a beige with a pinkish hue. I’m not one to be too concerned about how ‘instagramable’ a product looks though, so I can’t say this bothered me too much.



Sand and Sky Brilliant Skin Pink Clay Mask Application

The mask is applied using a small brush that is provided. The clay is quite thick and I personally found it stings a lot when first applied, especially around more sensitive areas. The sting of the mask does subside as the mask drys, which takes around 5 – 10 minutes.


Once the mask is dry, use a damp cloth or face pad to remove the mask. When removing the mask the dry mask becomes like clay once again and wipes off very easily and without a lot of mess, which is super quick and easy.



Sand and Sky Brilliant Skin Pink Clay Mask Results

I’ve been using the mask for a few weeks now and to be completely honest I’m not blown away by it. I have a lot less redness and there is definitely a reduction in blemishes, but I’ve also found that the mask drastically drys out my skin. I’ve started to deeply moisturise straight after each use, which has helped a lot with the dryness and I’m now starting to notice that ‘brightening glow’ that has been advertised. I will be buying the mask again as there has definitely been an improvement with my skin, but not at the speed I was expecting. Although it is a reasonably good face mask, I personally think that it hasn’t provided the results I was expecting based on the social media hype surrounding it, which has made it a slightly underwhelming product.


Sand and Sky Brilliant Skin Pink Clay Mask retails at £39.90.


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