Exploring southern Bali with kids | Semiyak and Sanur

The sky changed from blue to pink as the waves crashed to the shore. We ran along the shoreline, leaving little footprints in the wet sand. We watched as the sun set into the water, the last rays of sunshine reflecting off the sand making it glitter in the ebbing light. The scene before us became much like a metaphor for the end of our travels around South East Asia and what a truly beautiful metaphor it was.

Exploring southern Bali with kids | Sunset in Semiyak


After getting some travel suggestions from Karen and Shaun from Travel Mad Mum, we decided to alter our plans and split our last 10 days in Bali between Seminyak and Sanur, spending equal time in each. We have always said we wanted to end our travels as more of a holiday, so opted for lazy, relaxed days opposed to busy sightseeing days, with little rest.


Seminyak with young children

Seminyak is famed for it’s beautiful sunsets and like many other travellers, once we saw them we fell in love with them and ventured down to the beach every evening. Seminyak is relatively touristy, so there is a lot to do, but we wanted an easy holiday style experience so spent our days playing by the pool before venturing down to the beach in the late afternoon.

Semiyak with young children - Daddy with Monkey at the beach at sunset in Semiyak

Semiyak with young children - Mummy and Monkey at the beach at sunset in Semiyak

Exploring southern Bali with young children - Family at beach in Semiyak, Bali

Exploring southern Bali with young children - Boy at beach in Semiyak, Bali



Things to do in Seminyak with young children

Bali Equestrian Centre

Although we decided on a lazy holiday style experience, Bear asked if he could go horse riding and so for one afternoon we ventured to the Bali Equestrian Centre. The Bali Equestrian centre is a great place to visit if you find yourself in Bali with a horse loving child in tow. The centre itself is very clean, the horses are well looked after, the staff are great and all of the equipment is available to hire for a really good price. There are a number of packages available, but we opted for the the 15 minute ride and 15 minute groom package. Bear absolutely loved his pony ride and really enjoyed feeding and brushing the pony down afterwards. As well as horse riding there is also a great restaurant and a swimming pool for visitors (although there is a charge for using the pool). We loved our time at the Bali Equestrian Centre and would definitely go there again if we find ourselves in Bali in the future.

Bear horse riding at Bali Equestrian Centre


Look for burrowing crabs down at the beach

At sunset the sand on the beach comes alive with tiny burrowing crabs who set about making some interesting nests. We had so much fun watching them roll up balls of sand to create a pattern around their burrow and was a great excuse to get the boys practising their numbers as we counted how many we could see.



Sanur with young children

We ended our time in Bali in the sleepy town of Sanur, where we stayed in a great studio apartment with Sanur Art Villas, which had a pool literally at the back door. We spent most of our time in Sanur swimming in the pool and then taking afternoon naps, but we did venture out to the beach on one afternoon and hired a glass bottom boat.


Hiring a glass bottom boat in Sanur

Most of the tours we came across offered two hour tours, but we felt that was far too long for young children and managed to negotiate a good price for a one hour trip around the coral reefs. A lot of the reviews on trip advisor mentioned a lot of waste in the area, which there is because of the amount that is washed in with the current from all over the world. Although the amount of waste meant we couldn’t get the picture perfect views, it did give us the opportunity to talk to the boys about waste and the effect our actions have on the planet.


Floating plastic aside, we had a really great afternoon looking of fish thought the coral reef. The boys absolutely love ‘Finding Nemo’, so were really happy to see some ‘nemo fish’ swimming through an anemone. We also spotted lots of other fish, starfish and even spotted a school of baby barracudas. The driver was just amazing with the boys, explaining what all the fish were and then he let both of the boys drive the boat for a bit as we made our way back to shore. The boys were so happy being able to drive the boat and it was the perfect end to our time in Bali.

Bear driving a boat - Exploring Sanur, Bali with kids

Monkey driving a boat - Exploring Sanur, Bali with young children



Our time in Bali

We have had the most wonderful time exploring Bali, starting in Ubud and working our way to the beaches of the south. We have been met with so much kindness and have had so many unique experiences during our time on the island. It was the perfect place to finish our travels in South East Asia, but now it’s time to head back to the UK and start saving for our next adventure.


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14 thoughts on “Exploring southern Bali with kids | Semiyak and Sanur

  1. Ahhh amazing as you know I have been loving following your travels because of our time spent living in and exploring Asia…Bali and particularly Seminyak holds a special place in my heart and it’s been lovely to see this post which has brought back so many memories.

  2. Wow these photos are beautiful! My sisters went to Bali last year and fell in love with the place – they are now on at us to all go back as a family so it’s good to see how child friendly it is!

  3. This sounds like you all had an incredible time away! I always struggle with the sightseeing and relaxing balance on holidays but looks like you nailed it here!

  4. What a beautiful destination to explore. I had always planned to visit once my children had grown up and didn’t realise they accommodated children too. The beaches look stunning. x

  5. I’m so envious you’re in somewhere warm right now. It may be May but it’s still chilly here 🙁 I’ve been to Bali once, but for work. Would love to go back with my husband and daughter and maybe explore this part of Bali too 🙂

  6. Oh my gosh I don’t think I would ever want to come back home after seeing and experiencing places like this. I need to head out there just for the sunsets, the addict that I am. Looking forward to seeing where your adventures take you next

  7. Oh this is really useful thank you! My husband is really keen to take the kids to Bali, but I’ve never been, so wouldn’t know what to expect. I think we’ll definitely add some of these to the plans. Beautiful photos too!

  8. It sounds like such an incredible adventure for the family, I have been to Bali and absolutely loved every minute of it, I visited more of these places.

  9. I have never been to either Seminyak not Sanur, but I’d love to experience that magical sunset in Seminyak, Emma. Your pictures left me speechless. When would be the best time of the year to enjoy Seminyak’s sunsets?

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