Exploring Vietnam’s countryside by bicycle

A countryside bike ride is one of the best way to explore rural Vietnam. Dusty roads lead to clusters of houses set against a backdrop of green fields and blue skies. Roosters strut past dozing buffalo, young children play beside their mothers as they hang their washing in the midday sun and families sit together, chattering and laughing over food. It’s easier to see and take in the everyday life of those living in Vietnam’s rural countryside when travelling by bicycle.

Buffalo in rice paddy - countryside tour


During our time in Hoi An we went on a countryside bicycle tour with Heaven and Earth Bicycle Tours, which took us on a 9km bike ride around the islands surrounding Hoi An.


We started our day by taking a short boat ride before visiting a family who create beautiful pieces of artwork from the inside of shells. These shells are cut in various shapes, then stuck onto carved wood, creating a base. The shells are then engraved and marked before being sealed, creating intricate pieces of artwork that are truly mesmerising.


Bear and Daddy pearl art - Hoi An Vietnam

Pearl art in rural Vietnam, Hoi An


We then continued on our bike ride, taking in the beautiful Vietnamese countryside before arriving at our next stop, which was to a family who weave basket boats. We learnt about the process of making each boat and were then taken down to the river to test the boat out for ourselves. The lady who took us out on the river made it look so easy, but it was actually incredibly difficult to make the basket boat go in the right direction and neither myself of Mr. C did particularly well. It was good fun trying though, even if we did spend most of our time going in the wrong direction.

Basket boat in rural Vietnam

Basket boat in rural Vietnam


We then continued on to meet a man who made rice wine, where we learnt about the process and had the option to try some. It was both fascinating and a little saddening to learn about the process, which included feeding pigs fermented rice causing them to be drunk for a majority of their lives. The waste of the pigs is stored, the methane extracted from the waste and then reused to heat the pots and pans to cook the rice in the early stages of the process. While I found the whole ‘zero waste’ intriguing, the idea of pigs being drunk all the time didn’t sit well with me.


Our next stop was to a family who weave sleeping mats on a traditional loom, using dyed grasses. It was such an amazing process to witness and we were even offered a turn on the loom. Bear wanted to have a try, so I helped Bear with pulling the block of wood down the loom, which was an amazing experience to share together.

Exploring Vietnam's countryside by bicycle - Weaving on a traditional loom

Rural Vietnam - Weaving on traditional loom


Our final stop on the tour was lunch with a local family. Before we sat down to lunch we washed our hands using the traditional method of filling water from a jug using a coconut. The boys loved filling up the bowl and washing their hands, which made the whole process of washing up before lunch much easier. It was such a calming environment, that was very welcoming for families. When we arrived, we noticed a baby sleeping in a hammock, while other family members bustled around preparing lunch, cleaning and chatting. It all felt very homely and was wonderful being in that environment.


At the end of our tour, we took a short walk down to the river and boarded a boat that took us back to Hoi An. The route back was slightly different to the one there and was very scenic. The route took us alongside the fishing areas, where we were told about the way people in this region catch fish and the style of net they use.


We all had a wonderful morning exploring Vietnam’s beautiful countryside by bike with Heaven and Earth Tours. Our guide was very insightful into the traditional ways of rural Vietnam and told us a lot about the changes in Vietnam and the amazing developments happening around the country both in terms of social and economic change, which gave us a deeper understanding of Vietnam. If you are looking to get away from the tourist centre while in Hoi An, a countryside bike tour is a great way to spend a morning to afternoon.


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17 thoughts on “Exploring Vietnam’s countryside by bicycle

  1. Oh wow I can’t believe you got to have a go in a basket boat how wonderful! I never got to do that when we were in Vietnam but that seems like such a lovely experience.

    1. Hoi An is a beautiful place to visit and the boys had such a great time there. We do research places we visit a lot before we go, which does make travelling a lot easier. It’s been wonderful exploring new places together and making such lovely memories while on our travels.

    1. It was such a brilliant thing to do and was such a lovely experience. It is amazing being able to experience so many wonderful things with the boys and we feel very thankful for that.

    1. It was amazing to watch it being made, so intricate and beautiful. We had such a great time on our time on our tour and it was lovely experiencing the countryside.

  2. I think that a bike ride is a more gentle and beautiful way of exploring the countryside and I can imagine it felt quite relaxing to be riding along nature in Vietnam. What a great bike tour company.

  3. We found parts of Vietnam such as Hanoi to be slightly overwhelming for children, but Hoi An was really lovely and very touristy, which can make it much easier to travel in lots of ways. We had a lovely time there and the boys had a great time seeing all of the lanterns and exploring the countryside.

  4. Those basket boats look awesome, what a great experience……still getting one of mine to try and cycle himself, I hate him being on my bike as he likes to make it sway!!

    1. It was such fun having a try in them, although we weren’t very skilled at it! It is deceptively difficult riding with a child on the back. They can definitely unbalance the bike.

  5. Oh wow what a wonderful way to explore the countryside – I think jumping on a bicycle anywhere is a great way to really see a place. I would love to take my boys to Vietnam and it looks like you had such a fantastic time

    Laura x

    1. I think it gives a different perspective exploring by bicycle. We loved out time exploring the countryside near Hoi An, such a great place to visit with little ones.

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