** 10 couple date night ideas for parents **

Relationships naturally go through ups and downs. Since becoming parents Mr. C and I have had very big rocky patches. At one point last year we were really struggling and took a bit of a break from our relationship. After weeks of raised stress levels, lots of cups of tea with friends and hours talking things through we realised that the reason we kept hitting stumbling blocks was because we had become so absorbed as parents, that we had stopped investing in our relationship. From then on, we decided to change that and now have regular date nights, where we spend time with one another purely as a couple. To stop things getting a bit repetitive we had to get a bit creative and over time came up with some great, fun date night ideas. So, I thought I would share them… here is our list of 10 couple date night ideas for parents.


10 couple date night ideas for parents


Drinks in the garden

We’ve worked really hard on creating a beautiful garden that has a bit of colour all year round, especially in the spring and summer. We even built a pergola at the end and have started growing roses and wisteria around the beams. We then found some cheap Rattan furniture on Groupon, as well as a budget fire pit on Amazon and now have some really stunning evening drinks dates out there. As the sun sets, the garden is filled of bats and we get to watch them as the sun sets and the stars come out. It is just beautiful.

10 date night ideas for couples


The Theatre

I absolutely love visiting the theatre and last year I got to work with Buy a Gift, who gave us a dinner and theatre package to review. We opted to see the stunning West End performance of Les Miserables and have already been talking about other shows we would love to see this year. I think theatre has a wonderful way of connecting people, which is always a good thing on a date!


Taking an evening walk and watching the sun set

This is something we used to do before we had children, but have decided we really need to do it again. We used to take woodland strolls, find a hill or climb a tree and just sit, watching the sun set. I adore being in nature so found it a very easy, relaxing date that is completely free.


Go Ape Adventure Day

I know this one isn’t technically a ‘date night idea’, but it is a good ‘date day idea’ and so I thought I would include it. Last year we worked with Go Ape and reviewed one of their treetop adventure experiences. Spending a morning working through an obstacle course suspended in the treetops was such a brilliant experience that definitely got the adrenaline going. I’m not really scared of heights, but jumping from a high platform into a net took a bit of encouragement from Mr. C and was a great team building style activity.

10 date night ideas for couples


Romantic Dinner at home

One of the easiest (and cheapest) date nights for us is a romantic dinner date at home. One of us plans a three course meal, selects a playlist and makes our dining room really cosy with candles. Once we’ve eaten dinner and have had a few drinks, we push the dining table to the side and have a romantic dance.



I’ve always been a huge fan of cinema. When I was a student, Mr. C and I would always be going to the cinema. One of our first dates was going to see ‘The Life of Pi’, which to be honest, I remember thinking was a highly overrated movie. Thankfully the company was good and so we made sure we went to watch a few movies we enjoyed a lot more as time went on. We don’t get to go to cinema as much now we are parents, but we try to go at least once or twice a year, which now makes it an extra special treat.


Home movies with pancakes

As we don’t get to cinema as much these days we now try to have more ‘at home cinema dates’. We love nothing more than settling down to a movie, under the covers with hot chocolate. It’s easy to just put the TV on in the evenings and vegetate, so now when we plan a movie night we throw in a bit of pancake making. We spend an hour making and munching on American pancakes, before setting down in front of the TV. It helps us to catch up with one another and stay connected, while still being a low key, low energy date.


Afternoon Tea

This is another one that isn’t technically a ‘date night idea’, but it is a great ‘date day idea’, so I had to include it. There is something very delicate and quintessentially British about Afternoon Tea and is something I love to do! We’ve been to our fair share of Afternoon Teas over the years from ones in tiny cafes in the city to grand hotels in the country. There is always a special twist, that makes each one unique and is the perfect place to just sit back, enjoy some well earned cake and catch up over tea.

10 date night ideas for couples


Art School at home

This is one of the most fun, cheap date ideas that we do. We buy a small painting canvas, open the boy’s paints and then we paint an aspect of our relationship. For example, the day we met or what we hope for the future. Neither of us are gifted artists, which always makes for a funny evening. We also have art dates where we have one canvas and have to add a different element to the painting bit by bit… which can lead to some quirky results.

10 date night ideas for couples 


Games night

This is more one for when we have our friends over for dinner and drinks, but games night can be something we do as a couple as well. We take some cards out from the Pictionary box and then take it turns to draw something on the cards, while the other one guesses. As I said above, neither myself or Mr. C are particularly talented when it comes to art, so it can lead to some hilarious variations of pictures.


*Note: This is a collaborative post.


There you have it, our list of 10 couple date night ideas for parents. What do you do for date night? Let me know in the comments, on Facebook and Instagram. You can also follow me on Pinterest.

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