Goals for 2018

Generally New Year is seen as the perfect time to reflect on the past, learn from mistakes and set goals for the future. But to be honest, I usually find myself in a bit of a slump throughout January and struggle to get back into a routine after the Christmas holidays. For that reason, I tend to leave my pondering until well into February, but as we are set to go travelling in just over two weeks, I figured I best get my skates on. So here are my goals for 2018!



Travel tends to feature on my list of goals every year. Last year we took a three week family road trip around Northern Europe and later a city break to Rome. It is safe to say we have certainly caught the travel bug and so we went ahead and booked the flights for our next adventure… a family backpacking trip around South East Asia. We have planned to be travelling for four months, but you never know what could happen and when those four months are up… we may decide to keep on exploring.

Our Fairytale Adventure - Travelling



With Bear starting school in September and Monkey starting preschool in October, it seems like the perfect time to get my career ambitions back on track. Last year I was offered a place on a psychology conversion masters degree, but I deferred so we could go travelling before the children settled into their education. I definitely feel like it was right decision and now I’m very excited to start my new venture and return to education. I always regretted not selecting psychology as my second subject when I went to university, so it is amazing having the opportunity to go back to do what I’ve regretted not doing in the past.


Turn the blog back into a hobby

Last year one of my goals was the kick up the pace when it came to blogging, which I did quite successfully. I managed to build my Domain Authority (how you rank on search engines) quite substantially, I also increased my social media presence and built some great relationships with brands over the year. I enjoyed my journey and it was very rewarding knowing that I could make something of my little part of the internet. That said, I lost the enjoyment that I’ve always had for writing and found that I became extremely stressed. Stressed about getting the right images for collaborative content, stressed about deadlines, stressed about social media reach and stressed about totting up the views on my blog. Blogging just became a lot less fun and I missed writing about our family life, our adventures and my musings, which is why I started my blog in the first place. So for this year I have decided to turn my blog back into a hobby and while I’ll still consider collaborative content, I personally can’t see it being too often.

Our Fairytale Adventure


Launch my latest project

Over Christmas myself and Mr. C have been busy bees working on a new idea that we want to start putting into motion. In the build up to Christmas I set about running a collection for women and children who have been affected by domestic abuse and are currently living in refuges. We were so overwhelmed with the amount of gifts that were donated and we were able to successfully deliver gifts to women and children in not only one, but multiple refuges across the North West of the United Kingdom. This inspired us to be more proactive in charitable work and is the spark that we needed for our idea. We are still in the development stages, but we are both really excited to see where this venture will take us.


Take more time for myself

I recently shared a post about why I’m sick of hearing the phrase Cherish Every Moment. I said in my post that it just put a lot of unnecessary pressure on parents to breath in every single second of their children and for me that meant that I began to feel guilty doing anything for myself. The guilt got to the point where I felt that drying my hair and doing my make up was selfish, because it was taking time away from the children. The whole thing about ‘cherishing every moment’ actually started to make me feel incredibly ill. So I’ve kicked the saying to the curb and will happily tell anyone who keeps on at me about ‘cherishing the moment’ to shove their opinions where the sun doesn’t shine.

Taking more time for myself

Taking more time for myself


Reinvest my time on fewer people

I try my hardest to be there for people, to help people when they need it, be a listening ear when they need to talk and just generally be a nice person. If I know someone is struggling I always check in, see if they need anything and ask if there is anything I can do. Only over the last couple of years I have come to realise that when I needed someone to do the same for me, the number of people who were actually there to help were extremely limited. So this year, I have decided to spend a lot less time on people who are barely seen when I actually need them and instead reinvest that time in the people who are there regardless of if it is a good or bad spot.


Believe in myself

I have an awful habit of putting myself down… A LOT! I tend to down play my capabilities and take any rejection a bit too harshly. Throughout my life I’ve had a lot of people tell me that I’m not intelligent enough, not capable enough, not pretty enough, not skinny enough, not successful enough, not a good enough writer, not good enough in general and somewhere along the way I started telling myself the same thing. The funny thing is, that actually, while I had people telling me I would never get accepted into university, I was offered 5 unconditional places and now have a masters degree place. While I’ve had people telling me my writing isn’t good enough and I’ve wasted my time working on my craft, I’ve managed to get my words published in multiple publications. While I’ve been told how useless it was that I didn’t drive, I passed my driving test first time. While I’ve been told I won’t make a good parent, I’ve turned out to be a really good mother to two wonderful little boys. While other people have been spending their time raining down on my parade, I’ve been making my grass greener and now is the time I start realising that their negativity is about as much to do with me as is how the earth spins. This is the year I stop myself believing their words, carry on making my grass greener and most importantly start believing in myself… because ultimately, I’m capable of anything I put my mind to.


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