Parenting bloggers to follow in 2018

Blogging can be an incredibly powerful form of media that can open up conservation and be a catalyst for much needed change. Blogging is a wonderful, colourful world where people share real stories, help others along a similar journey and educate those who don’t understand the journey they are on. As we near the end of 2017, I thought I would write a little post about who I think are some of the parenting bloggers to follow in 2018!

Parenting bloggers to follow in 2018
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Pouting in Heels

I started reading Pouting in Heels when Kate posted about her experience of domestic abuse. I think it is incredibly brave to speak out about domestic abuse and know first hand how traumatic and painful an experience domestic abuse is. Since discovering Pouting in Heels, I’ve come to love the realness and authentic feel that surrounds the whole blog. Pouting in Heels won ‘Best Parenting Blog’ at the Northern Blog Awards this year and Kate is currently writing her first book #BlogLife. Pouting in Heels is definitely one to watch next year.


Toby and Roo

Toby is Roo is one of the biggest Parenting Blogs in the UK at the moment. Harriet is known for her blunt, down to earth, nitty gritty posts about parenting and has become one of the leading voices when it comes to parenting influencers. If you aren’t already following her on Instagram, definitely do because her instastories are always highly entertaining.


Hello Archie

I’ve always really enjoyed Hello Archie because there is a real softness to it. The photographs are just beautiful and I think it was these that first inspired me to pick up a camera. Kaye’s posts are always incredibly well written and interesting to read. There isn’t a polished filter on the writing and to be honest it is really nice to read something from a 20 something who like me hasn’t got things figured out, but is enjoying the journey anyway.


The Unlikely Dad

The Unlikely Dad is a parenting blog written by an adoptive gay dad. This is a blog I’ve come across quite recently and it has quickly grown to be one of my favourites. Tom has such a great way of writing about life as a parent and doesn’t shy away from subjects like ‘changes in relationships after having children’. I’ve found it fascinating reading about the adoption process and parenting from someone whose parenting path started very different from my own. If you haven’t yet come across The Unlikely Dad definitely take a look.


Travel Mad Mum

Travel Mad Mum is one of the most inspirational blogs I have come across and is a huge influence on our upcoming trip across South East Asia. Karen and Shaun decided to take their daughter Emse on an around the world trip while Karen was on maternity leave, which saw them explore Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia and South Africa. Now they are travelling around the Americas with Esme and their latest new addition Quinn. Following their journey is both enviable and inspiring in equal measure.


PND and Me

When I first became a mother, I really struggled with Post Natal Depression and I felt very alone.  To be honest I didn’t even consider the idea that I even had PND to begin with. I then came across this little gem and it made me realise that how I was feeling wasn’t quite right, that other people had gone through the same thing and that helped me feel confident enough to talk. I ended up spending hours on the phone to my godmother who was the only person who really ‘got it’, having suffered with it herself. From there she encouraged me to get the help I needed and see a counsellor. I’m now in a really positive place having worked through and come out of the other side of PND. PND and Me is such a brilliant resource that does amazing work not only in terms of support, but also in terms of breaking down that stigma that surrounds pre and post-natal mental health.


Scandi Mummy

Scandi Mummy is one of the prettiest blogs I’ve come across. It’s all very crisp and delicate with beautiful photography. This is another blog that has a really unique softness about it. Every post is crafted with the reader in mind and the sponsored content is geared towards what the reader would find interesting. Everything is very luxurious and follows the same trend, definitely one to go to for home décor, fashion and food inspiration.


Raising the Rings

To be honest I don’t really engage too much in the blogging community, but I have made a few friends through blogging and Jade from Raising the Rings is one of them. I love reading the updates about her family and the bluntness of her social media. There is no ‘everything is perfect’ filter and she is more than happy to write about the good and the bad. There is a brilliant rawness to Jade’s content and I for one am excited to see what 2018 brings for Raising the Rings.


Five little Doves

I came across Five Little Doves in a blogging group and it has since become one of my favourites. Laura blogs about a number of different topics in relation to parenting, from day to day family life and must have toys to co-parenting. Laura also writes about subjects close to her heart such as miscarriage and stillbirth. Her passion for creating awareness of these subjects really comes through in her writing and her tributes to her son Joseph are incredibly beautiful and emotive.


Feathering the Empty Nest

This is a blog that was recommended to me on a blogging group. Feathering the Empty Nest is written by Elle who is sharing her journey of life after losing her son Teddy. Feathering the Empty Nest is such a powerful blog to read and helps raise awareness of baby loss, but it also talks about recovery and life after loss. Elle is an incredibly strong woman and the work she now does around baby loss is truly inspirational.


The Dad Network

This is one of the blogs that started me thinking about different layers of feminism and equality that I perhaps hadn’t really thought about before. When it comes to equality, we need it to be level across the board and that includes the way we see fathers. Al from The Dad Network does some amazing campaigning to alter the way we see fathers, from questioning why baby changing facilities aren’t accessible to men to stating that dads don’t babysit, they parent. As well as broaching equality issues, The Dad Network also raises awareness of miscarriage and fertility issues. The Dad Network has already done some amazing work and I can see that continuing in 2018.


What do you think are the parenting blogs to watch for 2018? Let me know in the comments, on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You can also follow me on Pinterest.

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32 thoughts on “Parenting bloggers to follow in 2018

  1. Laura at Five Little Doves is one of my favourites she writes so candidly and is absolutely lovely and Nadia at Scandi Mummy is also a pal of mine and her photography is lovely as is she! Fab round up.

  2. Oh how lovely thank you, this is a great list to keep an eye on. I drifted away from Pouting in Heels – no idea why, but I remember it being a really good read. And I just love Scandi Mummy and Five Little Doves – such beautiful pictures!

  3. Great post I am always looking for some new blogs. Another fan of Five little doves – Laura writes so beautiful. I also love Pouting in Heels! I will check some of the others out.

  4. What a fantastic list. I follow and read most of these and agree that they are awesome. Your list also demonstrates what an amazing range of diverse blogs there are out there.

  5. There’s a couple of new ones to me there, thanks for the recommendations. As someone who has been aroud 9 years now I’m always interested to see how the landscape of parenting blogging changes. Mich x

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