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This month I’ve decided to embark on a new journey and if truth be told, one I should have started on a long time ago. I’ve started switching to cruelty free cosmetics starting with my skincare. I’ve always been pro animal rights, but I’ve always been a bit in the dark about some of the practices when it comes to animal testing, especially in the cosmetics and beauty industries. However recently I’ve become aware that a lot of cosmetics companies I’ve been buying from do sell their products in countries where animal testing is required to sell the products. This means that they do allow their products to be tested on animals in order to sell them in certain countries.


Like most new ventures, I’ve found the cruelty free market a bit of a minefield. Although some of the brands I’ve looked into are cruelty free, their parent companies are not and therefore although the brand is cruelty free, the parent company that does test on animals is likely to be receiving the profits. This means indirectly, the consumer is in part funding further animal testing. Cruelty Free Kitty has a great post in more detail on this, that I would recommend taking a look at. There is also a wealth of information on animal testing and cruelty free brands on the site that I have found to be a great resource as I begin to navigate the cruelty free market.


As I have already said, changing to cruelty free products has been a bit of a minefield and so to start my new venture, I’ve been looking for a new cruelty free skincare range. After a bit of researching, I came across a great little company called Adam and Eve Skincare.

Adam and Eve skin review


Adam and Eve skincare are passionate about using natural and non-pore clogging ingredients. With a few beauty awards under their belt and their cruelty free ethos, it is no surprise that I have become a huge fan of the products.


I decided to buy the Adam and Eve 3 – step – system FOR HER, which comes with:

  • 100m cleansing lotion,
  • 100ml purifying facial wash,
  • 50ml perfecting serum,
  • 50ml essential moisturiser
  • A muslin cloth.


The cleansing lotion is really soft on the skin, but is really effective at clearing away make up and impurities built up over the day.


The purifying facial wash removes any residue, tones and balances the skin. I personally use this and then wipe it off using the muslin cloth that I dampen with warm water. I use circular motions to remove the product and it leaves my skin feeling really refreshed.


The perfecting serum and essential moisturiser leave the skin feeling soft, moisturised and radiant. The moisturiser in particular is incredibly light on the skin, which works incredibly well. In the past I’ve found lighter moisturisers don’t hydrate my skin enough and cause dry patches. However, the Adam and Eve essential moisturiser is not only really light and feels like it lets my skin breathe, but it also leaves my skin feeling hydrated and radiant.


What did I make of the Adam and Eve skincare range:

Prior to using this I have had some awful breakouts. At one point my two year old kept poking my spots, which is a great confidence booster as you can imagine. If that wasn’t enough, I had a number of really dry patches around my nose and blocked pores around my chin. To be honest it was really starting to get me down.


Within two days of using the Adam and Eve skincare range, the red inflammation around the breakout areas had reduced dramatically and I no longer had extremely dry areas on my face. Since then my skin has been getting clearer by the day and is now beginning to look radiant again. I now don’t have to worry about dry areas of skin making my make up look cakey and I feel a lot more confident knowing my skin isn’t having a throwback party to 2003, when spots were a day to day struggle.


I’m so glad I’ve come across this brand and highly recommend it to anyone who is suffering with their skin. Aside from the making my skin look so much better, the products also smell amazing, which makes them feel even more luxurious.


The Adam and Eve 3 – step – system FOR HER retails at £68.50.


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Going cruelty free with Adam and Eve Skincare


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