Those awful blogger mums

With Monkey being my second baby, he hasn’t really been to as many baby groups or classes as his older brother. But now that Bear has started preschool, I have a lot more time to spend with Monkey and so I have been searching for classes that would suit us. A friend of mine recommended a class that is focused on different countries and cultures around the world. As a travel family this sounded right up our street, so I looked them up on Facebook. It was then I came across a post about not liking ‘blogger mums’.

Those awful Blogger Mums


The post which started with ‘I really don’t like these blogger mums’, went on to slate women who write parenting blogs, share the activities they do with their children and then ‘whittle’ on about the bad days too. I then read through a few of the comments from people who attend this class, who added a rather colourful array of horrible comments. As a ‘blogger mum’, I started to get the impression this group wasn’t quite what I was looking for.


Here’s the thing, the reason I started this blog was because I live far away from my hometown and my friends and family, who miss a lot of what we get up to. So I set up this little part of the internet where I share all of the golden, sparkly parts of parenthood that I want to remember, want to treasure and want to share. It is where I can write about our crafts and sensory play, the books we read and the games we like playing together. I created a place where I can share our days out, our travels and our adventures, so that people could visit and read about it when they want, but didn’t have to if they didn’t want to.

Our Fairytale Adventure - Those awful Blogger Mums


I also created this space so that I could work through my emotions and difficult times. When I set up this little corner of the internet, I didn’t really know anyone where I lived and I didn’t have anyone to talk to about all of the difficult times. When I felt lost, lonely or like I was falling short as a mother, I didn’t have someone to have a cup of tea and talk it over with. So I decided to write it all down instead. I choose not to write about just the good bits, because that isn’t real, life isn’t flawless. Life has ups and downs, there are bumps along the road and it is perfectly imperfect. I choose to include all the the little bumps along the way, because that is reality. I don’t throw in some negatives to ‘appeal to the masses’ like one lovely commenter suggested. My little blog has grown since I first launched it because it is real and people can relate to that.


But the reasons as to why I blog aside, I wanted to write a little something about why I think I’ll skip that class (although it sounds like I’m not welcome anyway, so I’m not sure they will mind too much). I like to encourage my children to surround themselves with people who build them up, play a part in their happiness and don’t push others down while doing so. I like to show my children that regardless of people’s differences, we are all just people finding our way along our own tangled and winding paths and I like to teach my children that saying nasty things about other people, won’t make our own lives any better. But above all, I teach my children to be kind, considerate and accepting of others. It appears that this class in question isn’t the place to teach all of those things, which is a shame as I really liked the focus of the class itself.


Yours Sincerely,

One of those annoying ‘blogger mums’.


P.S. Slating potential customers on Facebook isn’t a great PR move.


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8 thoughts on “Those awful blogger mums

  1. I think it’s different here in America because when I read blogs from other countries I see posts like these all the time. While writing for a living isn’t exactly looked at here in the States as a viable and productive use of one’s time, I have yet to come across anyone who puts me down for having a blog and writing. I wish this wasn’t so for so many bloggers in other countries. It’s immature really, to judge someone because they choose to write about their lives in a blog. I also don’t think that any of us bloggers should have to explain ourselves to others who clearly are too close-minded and therefore, can’t possibly understand. What’s that saying about walking a mile in someone else’s shoes? You keep doing you. Who cares what those people think. I also agree with you that posting comments like that on their group page is a very bad way to lose potential customers.

  2. I think bloggers in generalised getting a bit of a slating these days. People have no idea the amount of work that goes into one blog post and think we’re all in it for the freebies. I think you’re so right in not caring what these people think xx

  3. Oh my word I think you’ve had a lucky escape. You’re absolutely right that you slate a group of people isn’t a way to attract potential customers. I wonder if it is down to jealousy or them openly slating someone in particular, either way its not on!

  4. That’s awful. Funny that, as a baby group, your customers are likely to be mums who have a lot of spare time when they’re kids are in groups or at schools. They most likely turn to blogging or social media as an outlet for their emotions and to seek out like-minded people to be friends. How terrible to publicly slate people online 🙁

  5. Love love love the last line! Its a shame people tend to slate things they are jealous of or that they don’t understand. I am so glad I found blogging it has made a positive difference to my life… albeit more work x

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