Trucks and Diggers Sensory Play

Sometimes the simplest of sensory and messy play ideas are the most effective. A while ago I set up a harvest sensory play and It was such a hit, I thought I would recreate it, only this time using trucks and diggers. This is a really easy and cheap activity to set up and keeps little ones entertained for hours!


You will need:

  • A tray
  • Porridge oats
  • Toy trucks and diggers



This activity takes minutes to set up. Simply fill a tray with porridge oats, put some trucks and diggers on top and let the little ones ‘dig’ in! I like to allow my children the space to play independently, however there are a number of ways to interact with this activity.

Trucks and Diggers Sensory Play


Ways to interact with this activity: 

  1. Discuss what the oats feel like. Are they rough? Do they crumble?
  2. Pick up the oats and sprinkle them back into the tray while saying ‘sprinkle’. This really helps with language skills.
  3. Create separate piles by loading up the trucks with porridge oats, moving them around the tray and then depositing them in a different area.



This is a really great activity to help promote sharing and teamwork. When I have set this up with one truck and digger both of the boys want to play with the digger, so I encourage them to take turns. I ask one of them to fill up the truck with the digger, while the other is in charge of the emptying the truck. After a while I ask them to switch places, so they both get a turn in using the digger. Alternatively when there are two or more trucks and diggers I speak to them about filling up the trucks ‘together’, so it becomes a joint / team effort.



*Note: All sensory activities, including this one should be supervised at all times. Neither I nor Our Fairytale Adventure hold any responsibility for any accident or injury caused while taking part in this sensory activity.


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14 thoughts on “Trucks and Diggers Sensory Play

  1. I love that you’ve added prompting questions too – sensory play is something I used to do a lot when my daughter was younger, so should try to make the time for it now too 🙂

  2. This is a great idea for sensory play. I also love that encourages team work too. My youngest would love this and it might even encourage her to share!

  3. I love simple activities like this that are easy to put together at home. But have a huge impact for the kids. What a fabulous idea, I never would have thought of this, my boys would have loved this when they were younger. x

  4. I LOVE this idea. So brilliantly simple but so much fun. And versatile. I imagine it can be adapted in lots of ways. I’m pretty sure this would keep my little man occupied for hours. Hugs Lucy xxxx

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