** The Snowman Tour with Carrot Productions **

This year we are attending a rather wonderful and magical Christmas event at the cathedral where I graduated from university, which makes it even more special. I was 4 months pregnant at my graduation, so while I received my degree (with honours) on the stage in my cap and gown, Bear was neatly tucked away in my tummy. I haven’t been back to that cathedral since my graduation, so I’m really looking forward to returning with both of the boys for the ‘The Snowman Tour’.

The Snowman Tour with Carrot Productions

The Snowman Tour with Carrot Productions

The Snowman Tour with Carrot Productions


The Snowman is such an iconic Christmas film and one that transports me back to my childhood. We would all huddle around the big chunky box TV at my grandmother’s house and watch it after our very large and delicious Christmas dinner. My grandad would be snoozing away in his chair, my aunt and grandmother would be in the kitchen, bickering while washing up the plates, my dad would be sat on the end of the sofa and my cousins and I would be sat on the floor. So The Snowman for me, makes me think of family, love and bickering coming from the kitchen. Isn’t that what Christmas is all about?


‘The Snowman Tour’ brings the Christmas classic to life as it is shown on a big screen, while being accompanied by a professional orchestra. The concert itself is split into two parts, with one half being a short animated film. For some venues this may be ‘The Nutcracker’, for others it may be David Litchfield’s recently adapted ‘The Bear and the Piano’ or ‘Cinderella’. The other half of the concert will be a showing of ‘The Snowman’.

The Snowman Tour with Carrot Productions

The Bear and the Piano


This is the first year that Bear properly understands Christmas and the first time Monkey kind of gets it too, so we are really upping the ante with the build-up. The window of a magical childhood Christmas isn’t very big, so I want to drink in every last minute of it. Neither of the boys have seen The Snowman yet, so this will be such a wonderful way of introducing it to them and will hopefully fill them with as many warm, Christmas memories as it does for me!


‘The Snowman’ is touring across the country at a number of venues including Chester, Blackpool and Liverpool Cathedral in the North West. The Liverpool event is just two days before Christmas, which is just the perfect way to start the peak of the Christmas period. For more information, tour dates or to find a venue near you, take a look at their website.


A friend of mine told me she went a few years ago and that it is was one of the most amazing Christmas performances she has been to, which has made us all very excited to go.


Here is a little video for those of you who still aren’t sure.


*Note: We have been given 4 tickets to the Snowman Tour, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.


Have you ever been to the Snowman Tour? Will you be going this year? Let me know in the comments, on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You can also follow me on Pinterest.

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  1. Oh wow I’d love to go to see this! We always watch the film every year – it makes me so happy and it wouldn’t feel like Christmas without watching it!

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