Autumnal scavenger hunt

Autumn is such a wonderful time of year and my second favourite season (after spring). I love the colours, the crisp air, the fallen leaves under foot and cosiness of settling down by a fire with a cup of hot chocolate. As woodland and forests become an array of golden reds and browns, I thought it would be fun to take the boys to a local woodland for autumnal toddler scavenger hunt.


For our autumnal scavenger hunt I printed off some pictures of various different forest treasures; an acorn, a conker, a red leaf, a brown leaf, a twig, a stone. I then stuck these onto pieces of different coloured cards, grabbed a small wicker basket and we set off on our way.

Autumnal scavenger hunt



The small things

After we had finished our scavenger hunt we found lots of fun things to do in the forest, from climbing on tree stumps and practising our balance on fallen tree logs to jumping in muddle puddles.

Autumnal scavenger hunt

Autumnal scavenger hunt


Nature walks through the forest at this time of year are so beautiful and they always remind me of the woodland walks I would go on with my grandad. On a Sunday while my grandmother cooked our Sunday dinner, we would meander along the wooded paths looking for the squirrels that run about in the treetops. My woodland walks with my grandad are among my most treasured memories, so I love being able to tell my children all about them while on out own little forest adventures.


With autumn comes some rainy weather, which means that there are lots of puddles to jump in. Monkey loves getting mucky and jumping in puddles is one of his favourite things to do, so he had a great time.

Autumnal scavenger hunt


Forest adventures always make the boys really tired, so they both had a really long afternoon nap when we got home, which was fine with me as I got to settle down with one of those autumnal hot chocolates!


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7 thoughts on “Autumnal scavenger hunt

  1. I love your idea of printing off pictures of items to find, I thought my little girl would be too young for a scavenger hunt but I think if I print them off individually it will really help her. Love going on autumn walks.

  2. I absolutely love this idea- it’s so easy to get stuck indoors during the colder months , this is a perfect way of getting the kiddies out 🙂

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