Our Daily Routine 2017 on a preschool day

Life as a mum can be incredibly busy and sometimes it is difficult to keep all the plates spinning. That said, I try to follow a general routine to keep things running as smoothly as possible day to day. I get asked regularly how I manage to ‘do it all’ and so I thought I would share my routine with you all. It’ll help dispel any unrealistic perception people have of my mediocre juggling skills, but I hope it also helps other people who perhaps struggle getting a routine established.


Morning (am)

7:30 – Mr. C is a bit of an early bird an is the one that actually gets up with the boys and gets them breakfast. He then brings me a cup of tea in bed (I know he’s a keeper right?) and gets ready for work. I then get to cuddle up and watch Paw Patrol with the boys while I drink it.


8:00 – I get the boys dressed, brush their teeth, pack Bear’s bag and make his lunch for preschool. The boys then help me make the bed before Mr. C takes Bear to preschool on the way to work.


8:50 – After waving everyone off for the day, I start my morning workout. I tend to alternate between a HIIT cardio and strength and always try to fit in a 10 – 20 minute ab workout afterwards. Monkey usually keeps himself amused with some independent play, but on the days where he doesn’t feel like doing that I just change my workout to include him.


9:30 – After all the exercise it’s time for a refuel breakfast and Monkey’s snack. For snacks I always give half a cup of warmed milk and usually rotate between some toddler snacks, raisins, a handful or washed berries or half a banana. While we are eating, I make sure I label the food we are eating or I try and teach Monkey what different parts of his body are (nose, mouth, hands, feet, etc.)

Post workout protein pancakes


10:00 – After snacks I grab a quick shower and get dressed while Monkey plays in the playroom. We then usually spend an hour or so playing together, but if we have a playdate I always arrange them for this time. Any later than this runs into lunch and Monkey is always tired after that, so afternoon playdates are a rarity.


11:45 – Lunchtime! I find lunchtime is the perfect way to get in some extra portions of fruit and always make a point of having a ‘buffet lunch’.

Toddler buffet lunch


12:15 – After lunch Monkey plays in the garden while I clear the table. I always have to poke my head out the door to make sure he isn’t trying to eat any mud pies.

Toddler boys say in the grass in the garden

Toddler boy playing in Little Tikes car in garden


Afternoon (pm)

12:30 – Once everything is cleared away we tend to take walk or a trip somewhere. It’s nice to get some fresh air, so always try to go somewhere outdoors. On a rainy day, we drive into the village to get a coffee or find a soft play.

Toddler boy drinking babychino on mother and son cafe date


1:30 – Monkey usually falls asleep on the way home from our outing, meaning when I get home I have enough time to tidy up the toys and hoover.


1:50 – I try to set up an activity of some sort each day. We tend to work around a theme, recently we had a holiday to Rome, so our latest activities have been ‘Roman’ themed.


3:00 – Monkey usually starts to stir around the preschool pick up time, which is perfect timing really.


3:30 – After the preschool run, the boys sit down for quick snack and some juice before we start playing with the activity we’ve set up.

Gladiators small world play

Painting with spaghetti paintbrushes - toddler and preschool art sensory play


5:00 – Mr. C usually gets home about this time, but if not and he is working late I’ll either set up a mini activity in the kitchen while I’m cooking or put cartoons on.


5:30 – We all sit down at the table for family dinner.

Toddler dinner


6:00 – After dinner we try and go for a family walk somewhere before our bedtime routine starts. It’s nice to take a stroll in the evening and definitely helps everyone to wind down before the bedtime routine.



Do have a daytime routine or do you prefer to wing it? Let me know in the comments, on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You can also follow me on Pinterest.

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16 thoughts on “Our Daily Routine 2017 on a preschool day

  1. Your routine sounds lovely. I wish ours was as settled after dinner but guess my children are a lot older. We have to fit what we can in where we can. Like I am not home tonight so we fitted in the last weekly homework read needed this morning.

  2. A cup of tea in bed – definitely a keeper! We are a big fan of a Lunch buffet, I like to give Piglet variety at lunch time and use that meal to have him try out new foods. I love that Mr C gets home around 5pm, JHogg isn’t home until well after 6 usually so just gets a quick kiss before Piglet goes to bed

  3. What a lovely routine you have. My day starts with my husband lying in bed until the last possible second while I run around putting on make up, getting Dex dressed and packing his bag for the day. I then drive him to the childminders, have a day at work, pick him up, drive home and put on CBeebies for half an hour while I read his book and refill his bag for the next day. Then we do his bedtime routine, make dinner and collapse into bed!

    Wednesdays are my favourite day because it’s a day off with the baby and I have a much more jam packed fun day like yours!

    It’s always interesting to read other peoples routines and see what they do 🙂

  4. I am a super nosey person so I love reading about other people’s days! Jealous of your 7.30 getting up time, someone needs to tell my toddler that! Love the picture of your little one in the flower bed – so cute! 😀

  5. I always find it so interesting to see what other people’s routines look like – I think it’s great that you’re able to start the day with a workout while the little plays good on you!

  6. Routine is the cornerstone of sanity for parents of young children. Give them routine and they know what to expect. I applaud your organisational skills. It’ll pay off bigtime!

  7. This is fascinating! You fit in so much, I’m in awe of the fact you fit in a workout. My husband is great and often gets my son up in the morning and brings me a cuppa while I’m feeding the baby. Although I’m very jealous that he gets home at 5pm – my husband is 7.30, so the boys are in bed by the time he’s home.

  8. I love seeing what people’s routines are like. In fact I’m so nosy I run a guest series on it 😀 You fit so much in and what a keeper bringing you a cuppa in bed! I am lucky in that my husband does take the girls down for breakfast x

  9. I am super impressed with the tea I don’t think that has ever happened in our house … EVER! I love that you set up an activity thats something I use to do for Monkey but now struggle to fit it in with two. I need to adjust my daytime routine!

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