** Blogger trip with Netflix **

It’s been a busy few weeks! We’ve certainly hit the ground running on our return from our holiday to Rome. After a few days back at home, I had my bags packed and was en route to London for a fabulous blogger trip with Netflix! As you may be aware, this year I am part of the UK Netflix Stream Team, which means I get to share some great new releases and fun projects in the Netflix pipeline.


Netflix has very much become a strong pillar of British entertainment culture and so it was all very exciting to attend an event to find out more about the ever growing media giant! I got to eat a lot of cake as well… you know for ‘business purposes’.


Nobu Hotel, Shoreditch

The UK and Irish Netflix Stream Team were put up in the rather wonderful Japanese style Nobu hotel in Shoreditch. The staff were wonderful and made sure I was handed a glass of champagne on arrival before being escorted to my room… fancy!

Nobu Hotel, Shoreditch - Lobby

Nobu Hotel, Shoreditch - Lobby plants


The room itself was so beautifully decorated with gold adorning the headboard of an incredibly comfortable and fluffy bed. The room was dimly lit and meditation music was playing as I entered, which was so relaxing. I get really anxious leaving the boys, so this was just what I needed. Nothing make me feel more grubby than a travel day, so I was so happy with the very roomy shower too. The toiletries provided were amazing and I actually took the shampoo home with me because it made my hair look like the it featured in a L’Oreal advert.

Nobu Hotel, Shoreditch

Nobu Hotel, Shoreditch - Bedroom

Nobu Hotel, Shoreditch - TV


Netflix event

I find attending events really difficult. I get socially anxious attending dinner parties with our close friends, so walking into a room of strangers is incredibly daunting. I personally think it is important I do these things anyway, because I refuse to allow anxiety to stop me living my life. Thankfully on arriving I met some really wonderful bloggers, who were warm and easy to talk to.

Netflix event - London

Netflix event - London

Netflix Stream Team event, London

Bloggers event with Netflix, London
Image courtesy of Netflix


The day was split into discussing some of the amazing things Netflix has in the pipeline, new releases and some brilliant activities that helped us think outside of the box when it came to interacting with TV. I spend a lot of time doing messy play and crafts with the boys, but I tend to think of TV and activities as two separate things, so this was very thought provoking and inspiring for me.


Netflix Event – Decorating cookies

The first activity we did was decorating ‘Puss in Boots’ themed cookies. I’m not the most artistic of people, so I found this really difficult and I didn’t have ‘the boys helping me’ as an excuse for them looking a bit abstract.

Netflix event, London - decorating cookies

Netflix event, London - decorating cookies

Netflix event in London - decorating cookies


Netflix event – Terrarium craft

I love gardening and find having plants in the house incredibly therapeutic and calming, so I loved doing this craft. The idea behind it was to use TV shows and films such as ‘All Hail King Julien’ and ‘Madagascar’ to encourage children to get outdoors interacting with nature. Bear loves animal documentaries and it inspired our recent conservation small world play, so I love the idea of making a terrarium together after watching something like Madagascar. We are off to Thailand in the new year, so this would be the perfect way to start discussing our trip to a tropical country.

Netflix event, London - Terrarium craft

Netflix event, London - Terrarium craft

Netflix Stream Team event in London
Image courtesy of Netflix


Netflix event – Perfume making

I very strongly believe in feminism and believe it is very important to teach children that all people, regardless of gender have great potential in various industries and fields of work. The scientific fields are very much dominated by men, so I loved being introduced to the teen show ‘Project MC2’, which is about a group of intelligent girls who are brilliant scientists! The idea of this activity was to relate back to a science based programmes using a fun, science based activity. It was interesting learning about the levels and layers of perfume and was a really fun activity to take part in.

Netflix event, London - Making perfume

Netflix event, London - Making perfume



Sneak Peek

We also got to take a peek at the new Jack Whitehall: Travels with my Father. We are going to Thailand at the end of January, so I was really intrigued. The first episode was a bit upsetting towards the end as they take part in elephant polo, which as many people will know involves a cruel process to ‘train’ the elephants. That said the second episode is brilliantly funny and shows that it is never too late to travel the world. It also shows that although travel can put stress on any relationship, ultimately joint experiences are what bond people together. I’d really recommend giving this a watch, it’s got us really exciting for our most exotic trip yet!


*Note: This trip was provided by Netflix as I am part of the Netflix Stream Team, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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I’ll be writing all about what we have been watching on Netflix this month in the next couple of weeks, but in the meantime share with me what you’ve been watching! Let me know in the comments, on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You can also follow me on Pinterest.

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21 thoughts on “** Blogger trip with Netflix **

  1. Netflix is a big part of our lives since we left the UK. We can get UK TV if we really want to but I am not missing the soaps or anything so we stick to Netflix. We recently finished House (finally) and are currently watching season 3 of Narcos. If you haven’t watched it, I highly recommend it. Brilliant show!

  2. What a fantastic event, the hotel looks amazing! Well done for pushing yourself and going along, I am off on my first bloggers conference on Wednesday and I am so nervous!!

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