**Bathtime fun with Childs farm baby bedtime bubbles **

I personally think bedtime routines are incredibly important and help establish good sleep patterns from an early age. Having a good bedtime routine in place signals to a child that it is time to wind down. We have personally found that having a good bedtime routine has meant that bedtime is generally a nice, relaxed and easy part of the day. It is also a great way to spend some quality time as a family.


We tend to start our bedtime routine with a bath and there is nothing more fun for children at bath time that a bath full of bubbles! Unfortunately Bear suffers from eczema, so we have always been quite limited. I then came across Child’s Farm, which is a great skincare range for little people! I recently tested out one of their body washes and thought it was brilliant, so asked if I could test out some more of their range.


They sent me a great little hamper full of wonderful products including some baby bedtime bubbles. Bear was so happy to be allowed bubbles in his bath and couldn’t wait for bath time! We made ourselves some bubble Father Christmas beards and had a great time at building a moat, which got me thinking about all the ways we could make bath time much more fun with bubbles!

Childs Farm review

Childs Farm bathtime - baby bedtime bubbles review



Here are some of the ideas we come up with…


Viking ships in bubbles

‘Viking ships in bubbles’ is such a fun activity to do with little ones and we had such a great time racing the ‘Viking ships’ around the bath. Bear loved making paths for the boats through the bubbles and we then tried moving them along the path using ‘wind power’ by blowing onto the sails.

Bath time activity - Viking ships in bubbles

Boy playing with homemade boats in bath - Viking ships in bubbles


Spraying bubbles

‘Spraying bubbles’ is such a simple activity and such fun. Bear is a huge fan of doing anything arty and loves creating pieces of art, so this was perfect for him. It also allowed for a fun way to start teaching colours to Monkey.

Childs Farm - Spraying bubbles - Painting bubbles 01

Childs Farm baby bedtime bubbles review - Painting bubbles


It has been so wonderful being able to have bubbles in the bath with the boys and it is amazing how something so small can really help make bathtime more fun. The Childs Farm Baby Bedtime Bubbles are really soft on skin and actually contains organic tangerine oil and Vitamin E to help gently moisturise the skin. It also creates a lot of bubbles with only a little product, which means each tube lasts for longer!


*Note: I was sent Child Farm products in return for an honest review.


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19 thoughts on “**Bathtime fun with Childs farm baby bedtime bubbles **

  1. My eldest has skin issues so its keep for us to make sure we use something thats kind to his delicate skin. Childs farm has always been great on that front. I use to make coloured ice cubes to turn the water a different colour. But love the viking ships will have to give that a go.

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