**Go Ape – Tree Top Adventure Review**

Family life can be extremely busy, between making lunches, deadlines, housework, projects and play-dates it can be tricky to find some time together as a couple. I’ve written before about our relationship going through a rocky patch after having children and we now make a conscious effort to make time for one another to keep things running smoothly. We like doing things that are a little different and so were delighted to spend a morning at Go Ape at Delemere Forest in Cheshire for a unique kind of date!


If you haven’t heard of Go Ape before, it is an outdoor adventure that involves tackling obstacles among the treetops. There are a range of different sections from a ‘Tarzan Swing’ and ‘Zip Wires’ to ‘Goats crossings’ and ‘Apple Picker Ladders’.

Tree Top Adventure - Go Ape Review

Tarzan Swing - Go Ape Review

Go Ape Review


On arrival we had to go through the health and safety and were fitted into a harness before going through a few tutorials. The tutorials are designed to make sure everyone is aware of how to use the equipment and stay safe during the activity. After all it is a high-risk activity and when suspended at the top of a tree, it’s important to make sure you’re attached properly.

Go Ape Review


The staff were amazing, while we were going through the tutorials we noticed they took the time to reassure children that were a little apprehensive. Our time slot was quite busy and we got a bit worried because we had to pick our children up from nursery after lunch. The staff were so accommodating and let us go first so that we wouldn’t miss pickup.


The activity itself was such fun, once I got over the initial fear of jumping from a raised platform and swinging into a net I really got into the activity. Some of the sections (like the spiders web and Tarzan Swing) actually required quite a lot of core and upper body strength, so by the end of it I felt like I had done a workout.


We do visit Delemere Forest occasionally and think it offers some truly stunning views, but seeing it from the treetops was quite an experience. We both stopped to take in the view over the lake, which was just beautiful. One of the first zip lines took us across a sea of heather that is usually hidden when exploring by foot, it was such a site to look down to a carpet of pinks and purples.

Views of Delemere forest - Go Ape Tree Top Adventure Review


At the end we handed in our harness and received a certificate. The end point is very close to the forest café, so we stopped in for a cup of tea and cake before making our way back to the car. It was such a great experience and was such a fun thing to do as a couple. We’d definitely do it again.


*Note: My morning at Go Ape at Delemere Forest was free of charge in return for an honest review.


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18 thoughts on “**Go Ape – Tree Top Adventure Review**

  1. We did Go Ape at Delamere in April and we LOVED it! I had never done it before, I’m terrified of heights and was convinced I would have a massive panic attack and refuse to get on, but it was so much fun! I’m desperate to go back!

  2. I’d love to have the guts to do this! I’m not afraid of heights but I am definitely too chunky for Go Ape haha! Not sure I even have the body strength to get up there!xo

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