**Paw Patrol Sea Patroller Review**

The boys are huge fans of Paw Patrol and over the years we have collected a lot of the merchandise, from the Lookout Tower, to the Paw Patroller and all the little bits in between. The boys love recreating scenes from the show and we often set up little scenarios where the pups save the day. With such avid Paw Patrol fans in the house, I was more than happy to be sent the new Paw Patrol Sea Patroller to review.

Paw Patrol Sea Patroller Review


Sea Patroller Features:

The Sea Patroller has a lot of different features, making it a very interactive toy. The Sea Patroller has pop out wheels that can be activated by sliding the top of the Sea Patroller forward and put away again by pushing it down and putting weight onto the wheels.


The Sea Patroller has various lights and sounds which can be activated using the button on the control deck. The control deck also has a crane and exploration platform, which can lower Ryder on and off the Sea Patroller. On the control deck there is also a life ring launcher for those off shore rescues. Simply slot the life ring into the launcher and press a button to shoot them out ready to save the day.

Paw Patrol Sea Patroller Review

Paw Patrol Sea Patroller Review

Paw Patrol Sea Patroller Review

Paw Patrol Sea Patroller Review


We found that the Paw Patroller had a few issues like the loading door coming off every time it is opened. These issues have been addressed and fixed with the Sea Patroller and more sturdy mechanisms have been put into place, so even with a bit of use the Sea Patroller loading door won’t keep falling off and it doesn’t squeak when pushed around.


The Sea Patroller can house two vehicles inside it and also has a helipad for Sky’s helicopter at the back of it.  If like us you have a collection of pups and vehicles, this is an amazing feature and makes it easier to tidy everything away neatly at the end of the day.

Paw Patrol Sea Patroller Review


The Sea Patroller comes with Ryder, his RV a baby octopus, two life rings and an anchor, which can hook onto the end of the Sea Patroller.



The boys absolutely love playing with the Sea Patroller, making it a great addition to our ever growing Paw Patrol collection. Because there is such a range of features, the Sea Patroller really encourages sharing and playing together. As there are two life rings, the boys had to take it in turn to launch them from the Sea Patroller, so it is also a great toy for encouraging turn taking. We’ve had a lot of fun playing with the Sea Patroller and can see it featuring on a lot of Christmas lists this year.

Paw Patrol Sea Patroller Review

Paw Patrol Sea Patroller Review


The Sea Patroller retails at £69.99.


*Note: We were sent the Sea Patroller in return for an honest review.


What do you think of the Sea Patroller? Wil it be appearing on your little one’s Christmas list this year? Let me know in the comments, on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You can also follow me on Pinterest.

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12 thoughts on “**Paw Patrol Sea Patroller Review**

  1. We have this and the children absolutely LOVE it! I know what you mean about the paw patroller door, it’s so annoying as they cry for me to put it back on every two minutes!

  2. My daughter would go crazy for this. She is such a HUGE PAW Patrol fan. She has all of the little vehicles which shes’s collected with her Christmas and Birthday money, but she doesn’t have the bus yet, the sea patroller or Everests snow plough. I’ll definitely keep my eye out for this one for Christmas. x

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