Summertime Garden 2017

One of my passions in life is gardening. My Grandmother had the most beautiful garden and I have so many fond memories of my time spent in it. So when myself and Mr. C bought our first home together I wanted to create a wonderful outdoor space, so we could create our own wonderful memories. One of the things I pride myself on when it comes to our garden is the way it is so full of colour and interest all year round. Back in Spring I shared a post about how I created a springtime garden, but now we are in summer I wanted to share a post all about our summertime garden.

Summertime garden 2017

Summertime tropical garden 2017

Summertime garden 2017


Summer is such a wonderful season when it comes to gardening because so many flowers come into bloom and fruit begins to adorn our plants. We’ve been particularly lucky with our apple tree and raspberry plants this year. We’ve had quite a lot of fruit spare so have put it to good use by putting it in tasty crumbles all summer.

Summertime garden 2017 - Baby Barnsley Lavatera

Summertime garden 2017 - Fushia Sabrina

Summertime garden 2017 - Rudbeckia

Summertime garden 2017 - Pink Cone Flower

Summertime garden 2017 - Peruvian lily

summetime garden 2017 - Japanese anemone

summetime garden 2017 - Japanese anemone

summetime garden 2017 - Hydrangea

Summertime garden 2017 - Chinese Lantern flower

Summertime garden 2017 - Chinese Lantern flower

Summertime garden 2017 - Chinese Lanterns

Summertime garden 2017 - Apple tree


Summertime garden 2017 - Raspberries

Summertime fruit 2017 - Homegrown apples and raspberries01


This sudden burst of colour and fruits brings a range of different insects to our garden, making it an interesting and rich wildlife haven. The boys love running around the garden finding all the different bees, butterflies, worms and beetles. This year there have been a lot of spiders and we even managed to watch a few catch flies, which is fascinating to watch (although not for the flies). We get a lot of birds nesting in the tress and conifers in neighbouring gardens and the boys stumbled upon a cracked egg, which started a great conversation about the life cycle of birds.

summetime garden 2017 - Cracked egg

summetime garden 2017 - Garden spider

Summetime garden 2017 - Garden spider catching fly


With the warmer summer months, comes the opportunity to have more date nights outside. We built a little seating area under a pergola at the back of the garden with its own little winding pathway leading up to it. The pergola is surrounded by flowers, but the most beautiful in the summer is the climbing rose at the front of it. We’ve been working at training it around the pergola and this year it has really started to look how we want it.

summetime garden 2017 - Climbing rose growing up pergola

Summertime garden 2017 - Mr. C pruning roses


The roses smell amazing, so when we sit out in the pergola, under fairy lights, with a fire burning in the fire pit it is such a lovely experience. Myself and Mr. C love sitting out there talking over a few glasses of wine. As the sun sets and dusk starts to fall we also get the most wonderful display of bats flying overhead as the stars start to come out, which is amazing to watch.

Summertime garden 2017 - Pergola summer garden


As much as I love seeing my garden come to life in the warmer months, one of the main reasons I love my garden in the summer is because my rose bushes on the back border come into flower. We planted three rose bushes for the three babies I’ve miscarried. They are my reminder than even through heartache and pain, I can look at something so beautiful and pure and remember them. For although I never met them, they will forever hold a place in my heart.

Summertime garden 2017 - White rose planted for the babies I miscarried.

Summertime garden 2017 - White rose planted for the babies I miscarried.



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22 thoughts on “Summertime Garden 2017

  1. Both my grandad and my mum are passionate gardeners but I just don’t seem to be able to get into it, although we do make improvements on ours every year. You have some stunning plants

  2. Gardens are so special for making memories and completing a home. The children love helping with the weeding and planting etc. We got home from our holiday to find the vegetable patch sprouting veg, the sunflowers blooming and the apples ripe on the tree. Perfect.

  3. This looks amazing! I am so jealous as our garden is a shambles. I really need to take the time to get on top of it. I’d love to sit with a glass of wine in that pergola

  4. Your garden is beautiful. We are not very green fingered in our house at all. Though we did plant some cress seeds with Molly last week and its started growing so maybe our fingers are turning slightly greener 🤣🤣🤣

  5. So beautiful 🙂 I never appreciated how much work was involved in having a pretty garden. I think we desperately need a gardener.. The summer in the UK is almost over though, so maybe next year haha

  6. We recently bought our first house, and for me the favourite part is the beautiful, established garden. Every time I go outside there are new flowers and it’s a bird haven too. We even had a hive of tree bee’s living in a birdbox earlier in the year! I think your remembrance roses are a lovely idea too. x

  7. Summer is my favourite season in the garden, particularly late summer with all the sudden bursts of yellow and deep pink from the echinacea. Your pergola is beautiful with all the lights surrounding it – I’d love to sit down there and have a glass of wine in the evening. And roses are the perfect thing to plant around it and have the fragrance drift over.

  8. Gosh this brought a little tear to my eye, I love the rose idea. I wish I had done something similar.

    Your garden is beautiful. There is really nothing better that sitting out on a warm evening and relaxing. I would love to be a little more hands on in the garden but I honestly have no idea.

  9. Ahh this is just beautiful, what a lovely idea for you to plant the rose bushes for your babies. We planted a tree for our son when he died, and actually dug it up to take with us when we moved house!! I’m amazed that it survived. You have a beautiful garden!

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