**Dancing Paddington Review & Giveaway**

We love Paddington Bear in our house. Growing up I adored his clumsy and inquisitive nature and as a parent I find his childlike behaviours and view of the world endearing. I was apprehensive when the film came out back in 2014 because I was worried that my view of Paddington would be ruined, but the film was wonderful and a perfect representation of the much loved bear. I’m eagerly awaiting the second Paddington Bear movie and in the run up to the release, we’ve been sent a Dancing Paddington to test out.

Dancing Paddington Bear review


Dancing Paddington is such a cute little toy, his features are very rounded, his fur very soft and he is very cuddly. This Paddington has had a bit of a makeover and in the box Paddington’s blue dufflecoat has been replaced with a rather fetching Hawaiian shirt. However, when the shirt is reversible and on the other side is his blue duffle coat. Dancing Paddington also has his iconic red hat, after all Paddington wouldn’t be Paddington without his hat. The hat can be removed, but I didn’t want the boys to lose it so I haven’t cut the wires connecting it to Paddington’s head.

Dancing Paddington Bear review

Dancing Paddington Bear review


We love toys that get us a bit active and dancing Paddington does just that. Dancing Paddington is free standing and when you push the button in his right paw music plays as he does a little jiggle. We had a great time dancing with Paddington around the living room.


There is also a button in Paddington’s left paw, that plays 5 phrases when pushed. We have some Paddington Bear books a friend gave to us and the boys always giggle at Paddington’s misfortunes when it comes to his marmalade sandwiches, so Bear finds it very funny when the phrase about marmalade sandwiches plays


Monkey loved when Paddington spoke and kept pushing the buttons to hear the phrases over and over again. The voice is very calm and soothing, which is really great for younger children.

Dancing Paddington Bear review

Dancing Paddington Bear review


One of the things I love about Dancing Paddington as a parent it that the music and phrases aren’t too loud. Nothing quite makes me jump that random voices and music coming from the toybox as I’m heading up to bed, so I’m very happy that Dancing Bear can also be turned off by flipping the switch on the bottom of his feet.



We love Dancing Paddington and have had so much fun with him. The music is so upbeat and hapy, we have had a great time dancing with him. We are very much looking forward to the new Paddington Bear movie now and eagerly await watching more of Paddington’s adventures.


Dancing Paddington is for ages 3+, retails at £34.99 and is available from Argos. However I do have one Dancing Paddington to give away to one of my readers. To enter follow the Rafflecopter link below.

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Note: We were sent Dancing Paddington in return for an honest review.


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22 thoughts on “**Dancing Paddington Review & Giveaway**

  1. I loved Paddington Bear as a child and would have adored a dancing Paddington! He would always have been the guest of honour at my teddy bear picnics.

  2. Not a bad price for the most loved teddy, loving his Hawaiian shirt but glad it’s reversible to his usual colour which is what we know Paddington to like wearing.

  3. I haven’t seen the movie but from the previews it looks like a really cute family movie to watch with the kids. I like the endearing and innocent qualities Paddington has as well. It’s like looking through the eyes of a child:)

  4. Paddington Bear is so iconic, I felt very much like you with the release of the film in 2014, but yes it was perfect, I can’t wait for the next one. This toy looks fantastic, My little boy would love it, fingers crossed!

  5. This is so cute but I particularly like your comment that the noises aren’t too loud! We have very few talking toys in our house because the loud music/talking drives me crazy!

  6. Paddington is a classic. Please look after this bear. What a fun way to introduce him to little ones. You never know they might like to eat marmalade sandwiches too!

  7. I totally love Paddington. I watched the cartoon episodes on television years ago. When the film version was made I reckon I was one of the first to go and see it. Absolutely brilliant.

  8. He’s a classic and still adorable after all these years! Fabulous to have a character that can entertain through the generations.

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