** Dynamite Dare Game Review **

We love a good games night in our house, once a month the boys stay up late we eat pizza, play a load of board games and then down a new movie for us all to watch. Life can get so hectic sometimes, that having a designated family night makes us take stock and spend some quality time together. So when we were sent Dynamite Dare to review, we couldn’t wait to give it a test drive.

Dynamite Dare game review


Dynamite dare is a ‘Wild West’ themed game. Buffalo Bill has robbed a bank and hidden the treasure in a boobytrapped mine. The clock is ticking, will you be able to defuse the dynamite by picking the right switch?


To set up the game:

  • Make sure the detonator plugs are upright.
  • Place the detonator into the tray.
  • Push down the arms at the back of the switchboard.
  • Balance the ‘dynamite’ (three foam rods) on the arms.
  • Wind up the clock.
  • Flip the switch and begin!

Dynamite Dare game review

Dynamite Dare game review



To play the game:

Each player takes it in turns to pick a switch to push down. If the switch is a ‘neutral’ switch nothing happens and you pass it onto the next player. If you pick the ‘trigger’ switch the bomb explodes and the dynamite pops in the air and if you pick the ‘defuse’ switch the clock pops off and you win that round of the game! The first person to defuse the bomb three times wins!

Dynamite Dare game review




Bear was so excited to play this game because it is all quite exciting with a lot going on. It is a very fast paced game, so each round doesn’t last very long but Bear loved being able to set it all up again each time. It is definitely a good addition to our games collection and we had a great time playing it, but it isn’t the sort of game you can play for a long period of time.

Dad and son playing Dynamite Dare - Dynamite Dare game review


Dynamite Dare is for ages 4+ and retails at £19.99.


*Note: We were sent Dynamite Dare in return for an honest review.


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13 thoughts on “** Dynamite Dare Game Review **

  1. Haha. This looks like great fun. Love a good game of jeopardy and surprises. Mind you my little one cried the first time we played Buckaroo. She wouldn’t touch it after that and it ended up at the charity shop. Lol.

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