3 days in Paris with toddlers

I was incredibly excited to visit Paris with my little brood, because Paris was where myself and Mr. C had our first ever holiday together. Mr. C had booked it for just after I had finished my final year at university, but just before we went we discovered that I was unexpectedly expecting Bear. It was a very uncertain time and myself and Mr. C had only been together a few months. We weren’t sure if we even wanted to be together long term at that point, but then we had the most wonderful time in the most enchanting of cities and we came home feeling much more confident that our story was only just beginning. With such a special place in our hearts, we knew that visiting Paris with our two boys would be just magical, but it was even more amazing returning than either of us could have imagined.


On our first visit to Paris as a couple back in 2013, we spent long afternoons talking over hot cups of tea and coffee in quaint little cafes. We strolled through parks, placed our padlock on padlock bridge, visited the wall of ‘I Love Yous’, had a caricature drawn of us, viewed the city from the top of the Eiffel Tower, took in the wonderful artwork at The Louvre and marvelled at the beauty of Notre Dame. Naturally visiting the city with two small children was somewhat a different experience, but the charm of Paris remained.

Visiting Paris as a couple


Day 1:

It took us nine and a half hours to drive from the Harz Mountains in Germany, to Paris in France and we only had a brief stop off in Koblenz. So on our first day in Paris we decided to have a relaxed day. We decided to stop by at a café we went to on our first visit and then took a picnic to enjoy beside the lake in Parc des Buttes Chaumont. It was such a relaxed afternoon and one that was very much needed after the long drive from the Harz Mountains.


Parc des Buttes Chaumont is a really beautiful park in the North West of Paris and one I really recommend visiting. There are many different parts of the park that are beautiful to explore, from the suspension bridge that leads to Temple de la Sibylle, which overlooks an artificial lake to the sloping, grassy hills and waterfalls.

Parc Des Buttes Chaumont in Paris on a sunny day - 3 days in Paris with toddlers


Day 2:

Bear absolutely loves dinosaurs, so we decided to visit the National Museum of Natural History on our second day in the Paris. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see any of the dinosaurs because the upper floors of the museum were closed due to the heat wave that had hit Paris. The first floor has bones of a wide range of animals from huge whales and giraffes to turtles and wildebeest, which Bear found really interesting so was definitely worth the visit.


Day 3:

On our final day in Paris with toddlers, we decided to do some sightseeing. There had been a string of terrorist attacks back in the UK and then one in Paris just before we arrived, so all of the main attractions were crawling with military and police. It was both a comfort to have them around and a stark reminder of the horrendous events that had unfolded in the months, weeks and days previous.


We started at the Eiffel Tower, but it was incredibly busy and with the amount of security around reminding us that it was an area likely to be targeted by terrorists, we quickly moved on. We found an artist alongside a riverbank near the Eiffel Tower who drew us a family caricature picture. He referred to us as ‘Beauty and the Beast’, which made us laugh.

The Eiffle Tower in Paris against blue sky - 3 days in Paris with toddlers


After our morning at the Eiffel Tower, we decided to take a short metro ride to Notre Dame, where we stopped for lunch in one of the many cafes. After loading up on chocolate and pancakes, we took a stroll along the river to take in the streets lined with cafes and the beautiful building of Notre Dame. It is such a visually stunning building, with such intricate architecture, I’m not sure I could ever grow tired of it. The riverside is home to a selection of shops that sell quirky paintings, prints, tourist bits and second hand books and I couldn’t help but buy one of prints to take home with us.

The Notre Dame in Paris against a blue sky - 3 days in Paris with toddlers

San Michel Statue and Fountain - 3 days in Paris with toddlers


Paris is such a beautiful city to visit and it was just amazing being able to take the boys to see the city that helped their parents realise that their love story was just beginning. Paris has a unique charm and one that draws me back time and time again. If you’ve never visited Paris, then I highly recommend you do.


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31 thoughts on “3 days in Paris with toddlers

  1. I LOVE Paris, I think it may well be my favourite place I’ve ever been to. We took my youngest when he was just 4 and he loved seeing all of the sights, I can’t wait to go back and take all four – with a trip to Euro Disney thrown in!

  2. Ahh how fabulous that Paris holds such special memories for you both. We’ve not taken our kids over to France as yet and we keep saying we must as it would be really easy as we are not that far from Ashford. I must get planning a trip. Mich x

  3. I’ve never been to Paris but it looks beautiful. I would love to visit Notre Dame and I love your suggestions. I think it’s always important to include lots of rest and open spaces when taking toddlers to cities.

  4. Oh I love Paris so much. Like you, it was the first minibreak that my now husband and I too when we first started dating. Would love to visit it again when my kids are a little older, but think I’d rather go back just the two of us again!

  5. The gardens look just beautiful – what a great place for little ones to run off some energy! I imagine gargoyle spotting in Notre-Dame might be a bit scary? I remember walking the rooftop scaffolds and looking at all the weird and wonderful creatures the masons had dreamed up! I hadn’t thought of Paris as a plce to take kids but this has me thinking!!

  6. Wow that was an epic journey! I’ve only been to Paris before I became a parent. I first went on a school trip as a teenager and feel in love with it. I would love to take my girls there and it’s great to see that there were plenty of places to go with a toddler x

  7. I love revisiting places that you loved pre-children with your children and showing them all your favourite spots. I think I’ve definitely overlooked Paris as a place to visit these days, simply because I went quite a few times when I was younger, but having children with you gives you a totally different side of a place to explore. That park with the temple looks absolutely amazing, I could see us getting lost in there for hours.

  8. I love Paris. It’s my hubby and my favourite city. We haven’t brought our son yet but I’d love to. Maybe we’ll put it on our list for next year. I’d love to visit that park too, it sounds lovely!

  9. Only been to Disneyland Paris as a family. My daughter has romantic ideals about visiting the city itself (and living there one day!) so this post is encouraging.

  10. We have never been to Paris with the little ones, in fact we have tend to not take them on City breaks opting for country ones instead.Although there does look like there is lots to do!!

  11. I am actually off to Paris tomorrow with my friend for a friends wedding and glad to be visiting the city of love again. Looks like you guys packed in an adventure

  12. Aww sounds brilliant. I have never been to Paris but I really want to. The most I have seen of France is Calais! The OH and I have been planning on a few city visits with our 3 year old but have been hesitant about how we would get on. After reading this though I am confident we’d have a good time 😊

  13. I’ve only ever been to Paris once (for a single day) and didn’t really enjoy it very much. I’d love to go back with my kids though and really discover a bit more. Where did you stay? Would’ve loved to have a recommend! I find hotels so tricky with the kids and get so little sleep!

  14. Beautiful photos! Visited Paris when my daughter was four. We also took her to Disneyland. She loved it of course. Would so love to visit Paris again but probably in the off peak season. It was manic because we were there in the summer.

  15. Paris is a beautiful city – I just love going there. I visited Paris with the kids a few years back and they loved it. I love those photos, they are so brilliantly taken.

  16. Hubby and I spent our first wedding anniversary in Paris, we went to the Moulin Rouge which I am not sure is suitable for toddlers! I would love to take our boys there though one day. Love the idea of a road trip definitely the easiest way to travel with little ones xx

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