Blogging tips – How to improve your website’s DA (Domain Authority)

The blogging industry is a very exciting one to be a part of at the moment, because it is increasingly being seen as a new, powerful form of media. Social Media Influencers are becoming more of a digital marketing aid and brands are shifting an increasing amount of their marketing budget to digital influencers. Starting a blog is incredibly exciting and daunting in equal measure, but within a few clicks of a button you begin to realise there is a lot more to this blogging malarkey than people think. So I thought I would write a series of posts that include some blogging tips I’ve picked up along the way, starting with this post about how to improve your website’s DA (Domain Authority)


Domain Authority (DA)

Domain Authority is basically the measure of how well your site ranks on search engines. The higher your site ranks, the more likely you are to get people click through from search engines, increasing your traffic. The best way to improve your DA is to improve the overall SEO throughout your site. SEO can be really tricky to get to grips with at first, but I found this amazing book ‘SEO 2017″ by Adam Clark, which is perfect for beginners. I won’t go into too much detail when it comes to SEO practices, because it is a very involved subject, but I will share some of my tips for building a site’s DA.

SEO 2017 book written by Adam Clarke


Theme coding

When I first launched ‘Our Fairytale Adventure’ I found a WordPress theme and built my site on that. However when I first began looking into improving my DA I found a site that checks your site for ‘undesirable coding’. The theme I was originally using was riddled with coding mistakes and also wasn’t mobile friendly, which was really damaging to my overall DA. So I decided to hire a web designer who built my site from scratch with unique coding that was more desirable in terms of SEO and made sure my site was mobile friendly. Of course you don’t need to get your site built from scratch, but I do recommend you look into what coding the theme you are using has and to check if your theme is mobile friendly.


Links. Links. Links.

One of the best things to do to improve your DA is to acquire a lot of good, reputable links to your site, both internally and externally.


Internal linking

Whenever you write a new post that creates a new link to your site, which is where a lot of ‘content is key’ stems from. However to strengthen your overall site it is important to connect it all together. Every time you publish a new post think if you have a previous post that relates to it, link it. Creating a network of internal links encourages people to click through to different areas of your site (which increases your views) and it also makes it easier for search engines to crawl your site. By creating internal links within your site, you are creating a stronger web of content, which ultimately strengthens your site.

Blogging tips for beginners - How to improve your website's DA (Domain Authority)


External linking

Another way to increase DA is to acquire backlinks to your site from other sites. These backlinks are worth more than internal links because search engines consider them a recommendation from another site. External links from higher ranking sites are considered stronger, but it is also key to keep in mind that external links must be relevant to what you’re writing about.


A good way to go about building external links to your site is to join a crowdsourcing group on Facebook that is relevant to your niche. People will often reach out looking for specific things like, ‘travel tips for young children’, ‘chocolate cake recipes’ or ‘teething solutions’. If you then have a post about that topic, you can share it with them and if they deem it relevant they can use one of your tips and link back to your site as a thank you.


Within the parenting blogging niche there are a number of sites such as; Mumsnet, BritMums and Tots100 which share part of a blogger’s post across their site with a backlink to the blogger’s site. These are usually high ranking sites, so the backlinks are quite valuable. A good way to get recognised by these sites it to ‘submit’ a post for consideration by tweeting them or by keeping an eye out in crowdsourcing groups.


follow VS nofollow links

There are actually two types of link, “follow” and “nofollow”. A “nofollow” link is more about referral traffic, but do carry some -albeit not a lot – of weight in terms of increasing a sites DA. A “follow” link however holds a lot more weight, are seen by search engines as recommendations and contribute to a site’s ranking. For this reason a lot of brands usually look for a follow link to their site, but here’s the clincher… paid for “follow” links are not looked on favourably by search engines as they are not organic. For this reason publishing paid for or sponsored “follow” links can be damaging to your sites DA. Louise from Pink Pear Bear has a great post on “follow” and “nofollow” links if you would want to head over and take a look.


Delete dead or broken links

Dead or Broken links are external links from your site to another site that no longer exists, having links like this on your site can be damaging to your overall DA. There are tools available online (look for broken link checker) that search your site for broken links, so you can then find them and delete them. This can be quite a time consuming job, but one I really recommend you do from time to time.


Install and Use Yoast Plugin

The Yoast plugin on WordPress is a real game changer in terms of improving your SEO. Yoast helps guide you through how to improve each post on your site, suggesting changes that will ultimately improve the post’s overall SEO. It’s a really easy tool to use and one that I’d really recommend using.


So there you have it, some of my top tips for building your DA!


Has this been helpful? What other SEO practices would you recommend trying to improve a site’s DA? Let me know in the comments, on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You can also follow me on Pinterest.

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21 thoughts on “Blogging tips – How to improve your website’s DA (Domain Authority)

  1. I’ve been really working on improving my DA the last couple of months, it’s a slow process and very frustrating at times but all these tricks help.

  2. Linking is such a biggie! The best advice I ever received which I try to stick to is to link to 3 internal and 3 external in each blog post. It seems to have served me well!

  3. These tips were super helpful! I never thought of the internal links being like a web, I need to go bach through some recent posts and link between posts a bit more I think.

    Thanks so much for this – good to get some explanations/clarity!


  4. Great tips. I spent last month going back through all my posts and adding appropriate internal links and every single month I check through my broken links etc and it seems to be slowly working x

  5. This is so useful. I’m trying so hard to increase my DA at the moment but one thing I’ve never done is get rid of broken links. I’m really regretting that now! I’d love to join some crowdsourcing groups on facebook. Do you have any you’d recommend? xx

  6. What a useful and informative post this is. I am sometimes so busy with content I forget about the DA of my site. Going to have a good look through my posts and look for broken links x


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