** 6 household jobs that toddlers can help with **

Since becoming a mum it feels like there is a never-ending list of chores to be done around the house and not enough time to do them. As I said in my post 7 tips for doing the food shop with toddlers post previously, I don’t like the day to day running of the house taking time away from my children. So I try to include them in as many of the day to day chores as possible and turn the mundane household tasks into a fun game for us all.


Making beds

We always start our day by making the beds, but it isn’t the most exciting task to do each morning. To make it a bit more fun I use a trick that my grandmother used to do to me. I tell the boys to climb on the bed and then throw the duvet up in the air and pull it back down over them. I use this as an opportunity to do a counting exercise and I count each time I throw the duvet into the air.

6 household jobs that toddlers can help with - Toddlers helping make the beds


Once I’ve counted to ten, I get the boys to help put the pillows on the beds. I do this for all three beds in the house. It does of course take three times as long, but it means we all get to spend some time together and the boys have great fun.



Like most households with small children, our laundry pile is always building. Each and every morning I separate washing and carry it downstairs to the kitchen. Both of the boys love pouring the laundry detergent into the machine, moving the dial for the right setting and then pushing the start button.

6 household jobs that toddlers can help with - toddler helps with laundry - seventh generation


I recently came across a brand called ‘Seventh Generation’ at a blogging conference. Their products are made from natural, plant based ingredients meaning that they are kinder to skin. Not only is this good for Bear’s eczema flare ups, but it also makes me a little less on edge when Bear wants to pour the detergent into the machine. One of the main reasons I really like Seventh Generation products however, is because they carry the Leaping Bunny Symbol, meaning they don’t test their products on animals. We’ve been learning a lot about caring for animals and conservation, so this has been the perfect product to help open up more conversations about these subjects.


Cleaning surfaces

One of my least favourite jobs is wiping down the doors and skirting boards, but when I have little helpers, it isn’t such a mundane task. Obviously I don’t let them use any antibacterial sprays, so I hand them both a wet wipe and they help me go around each room.


Washing up

One of the boys favourite things to do on a rainy day is bake cakes. I don’t think there is anything as cute as watching Bear run over to Mr. C with his plate of freshly baked cakes when he walks in from work.

Toddler bakes Disney Cars cakes for his Daddy


Once we have finished baking I fill our sink with soapy water, then throw in the dirty mixing bowls and wooden spoons for the boys to wash up. I do have to redo it all afterwards to make sure everything is cleaned properly, but I think it is really important that my children learn some responsibility and clean up after themselves.

6 household jobs that toddlers can help with - toddler helps with washing up using seventh generation product


As I mentioned before Bear has eczema flare ups, so I have to be really careful with what washing up products I use when the boys are helping. Recently I’ve been using the Seventh Generation washing up liquid, which is free from dyes or synthetic fragrances. The Seventh Generation Washing Up Liquid id actually dermatologist tested, so I feel a lot more comfortable using it when the boys are helping with the washing up. It cleans amazingly well and it hasn’t aggravated the skin, so I’m definitely a fan!



Last year we bought the Melissa and Doug cleaning set, after dinner each day the boys take either the broom or the mop and help me clean up the crumbs after dinner. It’s another job that takes twice as long with them helping me because they tend to sweep my pile into lots of little piles around the room, but we get there in the end. It’s also a great opportunity to label actions, when I’m sweeping with the brush I repeat the word ‘sweep’ to Monkey who then tries to mimic what I’m saying.

6 household jobs that toddlers can help with - Toddler sweeping


Tidy away toys

Before the boys go to bed we tidy all the toys up in the living room. I just got so annoyed with coming down the stairs after getting the boys settled into bed and facing at least half an hours worth of tidying away toys. We try and turn it into a game so say things like “Who can tidy the most bits of track” or “Who can tidy away the most duplo blocks”. The boys find it a fun game and in their eyes it prolongs bedtime, so they are more than happy to help.


Seventh Generation products are now available in Tesco, but I have a hamper of Seventh Generation goodies to give away to one of my readers. To enter follow the Rafflecopter link below.

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6 household jobs that toddler can help with - seventh generation hamper


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*Note: This is a collaborative post


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28 thoughts on “** 6 household jobs that toddlers can help with **

  1. Mine can’t make the bed! The opposite! I did it this morning and I just found that Baba had a rumble in it with my other-half. You would think the adult would have put it back together… but nope! both the boys left it messy! I will send them this post as a memo…

  2. Oh wow, thank you so much for posting this! Beanie loves to help me, so it’s good to have some more suggestions for things to show him! I’ll be sure to read the shopping post too!

    Ive never heard of seventh generation, but I’ll be sure to check them out. Ive recently been blogging about wanting to make changes in our lives and this could be a really good one for me, as I want to use more natural things, and remove as many animal tested products from our lives as possible!

    Emmy – Misadventurous Mummy

  3. I love that you make cleaning a fun activity for the boys, as you said it might take you a lot longer, but your bonding as well as teaching them to respect their home and their things Xxx

  4. I confess I never really got the kids to help me with the housework, and now that they’re all older I’m really paying for it as no one lifts a finger at all! Bah! Sounds like a great hamper this, though! 🙂

  5. We do jobs together so they feel involved. Nothing they love better when they young. When they hit teen plus the problem starts

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