**We’re part of the Netflix Stream Team**

We don’t actually have normal TV in our house, the aerial was broken when we moved in and we never got around to getting a new one. So for the past three and a half years we have been streaming everything we watch. We have Apple TV, so everything is connected in our house making it incredibly easy to link our laptops to the TV. Most of what we watch is through Netflix, so as you can imagine I did a bit of a happy dance when I was accepted into the #NetflixStreamTeam.

We're part of the Netflix Stream Team


Over the next 12 months I’ll be writing updates about what we’ve been watching, what is set to be released and I may even get to attend a few events. As a welcome Netflix sent us a rather fabulous goody bag which included an iPad, earphone splitters and a selfie stick. We are currently thinking about a little backpacking trip to Thailand, so thanks to the goody bag and new download option Netflix have rolled out, we have our long haul flight covered.

We're part of the Netflix Stream Team


So what have  we been watching?

I don’t have a lot of help day to day and although I plan activities, sensory play and days out, sometimes I need to throw on some TV to give me enough time to get things done. There are such a range of kids programmes available on Netflix that the boys are spoilt for choice. Both of the boys love Paw Patrol, so I normally let them watch a couple of episodes while I get my blog sorted for the day.


Paw Patrol

A wonderfully colourful show about a fictional place called Adventure Bay. Adventure Bay doesn’t really have any medical establishments, police service, builders, coastguards or recycling centres, but it does have a lot of incompetent adults, a useless mayor and a teenage boy called Ryder who owns a team of highly skilled and useful pups. There are many questions I would like to ask about Paw Patrol, but I’m going to leave that for a different post later on. Generally though the theme of the show is that there are various problems in Adventure Bay and Ryder and his pups save the day. As kids TV goes, I actually quite Paw Patrol because there is a strong theme of teamwork and helping other people. After watching a couple of episodes the boys tend to wander off and recreate what they’ve watched, which is really lovely to see.

Netflix Stream Team - What we've been watching - Paw Patrol


 The Originals

I have been waiting for the new season of The Originals for far too long and now it is finally here! I’m notorious for binge watching box sets, so once the boys are in bed I get in my PJs, make a cup of tea and set about watching an entire season in a few evenings. The Originals is a spin off from the Vampire Diaries, but I actually prefer it if I’m being honest. The Originals is set in the city of New Orleans, which is home to vampires, witches and werewolves. The show follows the story of the Original family of vampires, their family issues, destructive behaviour and their battles against pretty much everybody else in the city.



*Note: We are part of the Netflix Stream Team and this is a collaborative post.


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28 thoughts on “**We’re part of the Netflix Stream Team**

  1. Ahhhh how exciting! We couldn’t be without Netflix we literally live and breathe it congratulations! Paw Patrol of course is my daughter’s absolute favourite.

  2. Hello fellow streamteamer, I have not heard of the Originals but I love vampire programs. Can you believe it is 30 years since the Lost Boys this weekend (showing my age now aren’t I)

  3. Being part of the Netflix Stream Team sounds pretty awesome! I haven’t heard of The Originals, but I’m more of a ‘conventional TV’ kind of person! I have, of course, heard of Paw Patrol, but my kids are too old for it now. My nieces are into it though.

  4. I started watching the Originals but couldn’t get into it like I did with The Vampire Diaries. We’ve just finished Ozarks, SO very good – like, Breaking Bad good. Next, catching up on Turn. 🙂

  5. We are huge Netflix fans, my teenage daughter watches it non-stop and would be lost without it. I love watching Orange is the new black and 13 reasons why, I really need to start watching more box sets as we mainly use it for films and kids shows like Paw Patrol too x

  6. We don’t have normal TV either and stream everything too – feels like we waste a lot less time scrolling through the channels! I’m loving Ozark at the minute. It’s a bit like Breaking Bad so I’m already addicted! xx

  7. This is so exciting. We LOVE Netflix. In fact, I’m currently watching the new series of Suits on it as I type this. There are so many amazing programmes on Netflix. If you haven’t watched it already then you should check out Once Upon a Time. It is addictive. Hugs Lucy xxxx

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