A day out in Hamburg at Miniatur Wunderland

After our time in the Dutch Countryside, we planned to get to Copenhagen as soon as possible. When travelling with young children though it’s important to break up long stints in the car, so scheduled a stopover in Hamburg. As Hamburg was just a stopover we didn’t have a lot of time to explore, but wanted to do something that the boys would enjoy and decided to head for a day out at Miniatur Wunderland.



Miniatur Wunderland is the largest model railway in the world, with tracks going through various miniature worlds, there is even a miniature airport with scheduled flights taking off and landing. Alongside the railway is a network of roads, with different vehicles driving along them and passing by scenes of minature people going about their day to day lives.



The boys loved looking at everything as we walked around the exhibit, but then we noticed lights turning on in the little houses lining the roads, vehicle headlights started shining and the room began to go dark. Suddenly we were thrown into a little fairy world, filled of lights and the sounds of model cars and trains. It was mesmerising.



Interactive buttons

As we made our through we came to the Switzerland section (complete with mountains and hot air balloons), we noticed a stationary cable car. Bear found a button on front of one of the railings and suddenly the cable car came to life and began moving up and down the mountain side. We then found these buttons throughout the entire exhibit and it became a game trying to find what section the button connected to.



The perfect place to visit with children

This was one of my favourite places to visit with the boys during our Northern Europe road trip. They both love trains and planes, so for them this was just a magical place to visit. Bear was so adamant he didn’t want to leave, it took a lot of coaxing and bribery to stop him from throwing a monster tantrum on leaving. If you find yourself in Hamburg with little ones, Miniatur Wunderland is an absolute must see!


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13 thoughts on “A day out in Hamburg at Miniatur Wunderland

  1. This looks like such a fun and education place to take kids. I have heard some fantastic things about Hamburg in general and going to pop over and read a few more posts about your trip as we are planning to do something similar soon

    Laura x

  2. My eldest boy would love this and so would it. It looks fab. It is always a bonus when they have interactive buttons to keep the kids interested. Wish it was a bit closer to us so we could visit.

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