24 hours in Bruges… with young children

Bruges is one of my favourite places, with it’s cobbled streets, canals and picturesque square, it is a somewhere all people visiting Europe should experience, meaning it had to appear on our road trip itinerary. We only spent 24 hours in Bruges, so decided to spend time just meandering around the streets and dining in some of the very many wonderful restaurants dotted around the city. For me Bruges is the sort of place you become immersed in, so I’ve put together a list of leisurely things you really should get around to doing when spending 24 hours in Bruges… with young children.





Horse and Carriage tour around the city

Bruges is famous for its market square, where you will see lines of horse and carriage waiting to take people on a tour around the city. The tour takes you around the cobbled streets of Bruges, where your guide will tell you all about the city as your travel through it. Halfway through the tour, there is a short stop at a pool of water to let you take a stroll and to give the horse a rest. The stop is perfectly timed because there is a legend that says if you visit the water with someone you and throw a coin into it, you will be given eternal love and happiness together. The tour is a lovely experience and one worth doing when in Bruges.



Dine in the fresh air

While travelling with young children, it’s important to remember that they need a break from exploring just as much as you do. In Bruges the streets are lined with restaurants that have tables outside, the boys loved sitting outside in the sunshine, eating their dinner and taking in their new surroundings, which gave Mr. C the chance to enjoy some of that famous Belgian beer!



Breakfast on waffles

Okay, so waffles and ice cream aren’t technically a breakfast dish, but can you think of a better way to start the day? The restaurants in the main market square are among the first to open in Bruges, so head down there and order some waffles and ice cream with your morning caffeine hit.



Try Belgian chocolate

As well as being famous for their beer, Belgians are known for their chocolate. The streets of Bruges are lined with chocolate shops, so take some time to meander around, walking along the riverside, visiting the local shops and don’t forget to buy some Belgian chocolate before you leave.


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Have you visited Bruges with young children? Is there anything you would recommend doing while in Bruges? Let me know in the comments, on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You can also follow me on Pinterest.

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