** Fisher Price Bright Beats range review **

Being active is hugely important in our family and we try our hardest to get the little ones as active as possible day to day. One of the best ways to keep the boys active is by opening the back doors and letting them run around outside, but alas, the unpredictable English weather means that isn’t always possible. So for dull rainy days I find myself looking for ways to keep the boys active and always welcome a little bit of help. So I was very happy to be asked to review the new Fisher Price Bright Beats range, which includes Bright Beats Learning Lights Dance Mat. The perfect way to keep kids active in a fun way!





Bright Beats Learning Lights Dance Mat

Growing up in a seaside town I spent a lot of my younger teenage years on the dance mats in the arcades along the seafront. Me and my friends would spend hours trying to beat each other’s high scores, so I loved that Fisher Price have created a toy for younger children around a ‘dance mat’ theme. The Bright Beats Learning Lights Dance Mat teaches ABC’s, numbers, shapes and colours as well as encouraging children to do different dance moves.


This is such an easy toy to put together and it is simply a case of slotting BeatBo into the slot on the dance mat. Once it was assembled, we jumped straight in.




Monkey likes to know how things work, so he was straight in pushing all of the buttons and watching how they set off the lights and sounds. He then worked out that the lights and sounds could also be activated by dancing, running and jumping on the mat. I thought it would be fun to turn it into a game the whole family could play, so we decided to take it turns to move about on the mat to create a little dance routine. Monkey stomped on the mat, so Bear copied him and added jumping to the sequence, I then copied the sequence and added a spin. We had such a great time and it is the sort of game the boys would get bored of if we didn’t have the mat, with lights and sounds on as part of the game.






Bright Beat Learning Lights Dance Mat is suitable for 9months+ and retails at £42.99.



BeatBo Buggies

This BeatBo Buggy can be pushed along the floor and by pushing the button on the face at the front, lights and melodies are activated. Monkey had a lot of fun pushing this around and the lights and melodies function kept him entertained for ages. If I’m being brutally honest though, I feel abit ‘meh’ about this product because it is quite similar to other toys on the market, but more expensive.



BeatBo Buggies are suitable for 9 months+ and retails at £9.99.



Bright Beats Juniors

This is a very micro version of the original Beat Bo. When the Bright Beat Junior’s head moves it activates sounds and makes its tummy light up. Both Bear and Monkey loved this little toy and found how its head bobbles hilarious. They kept taking it in turns to knock Bright Beats Junior’s head and then wiggled around to the music that played. It is the right size and price for a birthday gift as well, so if your little one is invited to a birthday party in the next few months, it is worth keeping an eye out for these.




Bright Beats Juniors are suitable for 6 months+ and retails at £12.99.



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