** Bob the Builder Switch and Fix Bob review **

When we bought our house it was a complete renovation project. The plumbing was leaking left right and centre, the electrics were faulty, the kitchen was half installed, the doors had fist marks through them, the carpets needed replacing, there was 80’s style glass separating rooms and a very old fashioned marble fireplace took up half the living room. Thankfully Mr. C has a few trades under his belt and I don’t mind getting my hands dirty, so we quickly got the house in a liveable state. However we don’t have an infinite amount of money, so three years down the line and there is still quite a bit to do and we find ourselves tacking something at least once a month.


Whenever we decide to tackle one of the jobs that needs doing on the house, Bear is usually behind us wanting to help. He loves all things to do with building and fixing, so when we were asked to review the new Bob the Builder Switch and Fix Bob toy, I knew Bear would have a field day.


Bob the Builder Fix and Switch Bob is a reasonably chunky action figure with a great set of features including a rotating tool belt that holds three different tools including; a jackhammer, a saw and an auger tool. To load each tool you simply push down on Bob’s head, which lowers his arm and clicks the selected tool in place. To then put the tool back into his belt, you push down on Bob’s head again to make him lower the tool into his belt. Pressing down on Bob’s head also activates lights and phrases. The tools do sit quite loosely on the tool belt, but I think this actually really helped with fine motor skills and encouraged Bear to concentrate while attaching them to the belt. This can also be done manually, so Bear choose to do it himself as well as using the loading feature on the toy.


Bear had a great time making Bob choose different tools for different jobs and took no time at all in setting him to work. Bob the Builder was sent fixing our doors and making sure Cranky didn’t have any loose screws.


When a loaded tool touches a surface, it lights up and activates the matching sound. I personally thought this was a really nice feature as it opened up conversations about what each tool is used for. One thing that was a little bit frustrating was that the tools did come loose and fall off quite easily, which did start to annoy Bear after a while.


Overall Bob the Builder Switch and Fix Bob is a really great toy that really encouraged Bear to use his imagination. It was really lovely seeing him creating his own little stories and it was interesting that he always made sure Bob had his helmet down when he was working away. Bear doesn’t actually watch Bob the Builder and absolutely loved this toy, so it isn’t just for little ones who are huge fans of Bob the Builder. The tool heads being loose when attached to the tool is a little frustrating, but it didn’t seem to put Bear of playing with it. In fact it has become one of the most played with toys in the house and is generally played with most days. For the price, I’d say this is a really good value for money toy.


Bob the Builder Switch and Fix Bob is for ages 3+ and currently retails at £19.99.


Note: Bob the Builder Switch and Fix Bob was sent to us in return for an honest review.


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9 thoughts on “** Bob the Builder Switch and Fix Bob review **

  1. Ah, that’s a cute Bob! Love that your little boy was able to use his imagination when playing with it, too. So important when they are little! And you never know, it might not be too long before he is picking up a hammer and helping you with your DIY for real! 🙂

  2. It seems such a long time ago that we had ‘Bob the Builder’ in our house. Love that kids still enjoy playing with him though.

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