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It’s been a while since I’ve written a beauty post because up until recently I really wasn’t feeling very confident in myself and needed some time to work on that. Howver I’m in a really great place now and want to get back to sharing some of the beauty products I’ve discovered and thought I would start with a little post about two makeup brushes I adore and my favourite brush cleanser, because I find that without good brushes to work with, it’s really difficult to apply makeup properly and even if you have good brushes, it’s important to maintain them.



Real Techniques – Expert Face Brush (£9.99)

I actually came across a YouTube video a few weeks back that was raving about this brush, so I thought I would give it a go. I can see what all of the fuss was about, it is such a versatile brush and I use it every day to apply bronzer on my forehead and under my cheekbones to create definition in my face. The bristles are really soft on the skin, but they are also quite stiff, which makes it really easy to sculpt the face. It spreads the product really well, so there isn’t any denser patches of anywhere. I tend to find the Real Techniques brushes are really good for building up makeup, but sometimes I feel like the product gets lost a bit. That isn’t the case with this brush and I found I could achieve the look I was aiming for really quickly.


Liz Earle – Blend and Contour Brush (£12.50)

This is quite possibly the best eye makeup brush I’ve ever bought and I’m not sure how I managed before I found it. The Liz Earle Blend and Contour brush smooths over the eyeshadow and perfectly blends colours together. I’m not a fan of harsh lines and prefer my make up to look as natural as possible, so this brush is perfect for creating that look. The brush is tapered, so when I’m creating a heavier look (on the rare occasion I go out for the evening), I brush from the corner of my outer eye, upwards towards the brow to creates a really subtle smokey eye.


Bobbi Brown – Conditioning Brush Cleanser (£12.00)

Regardless of how good a makeup brush is, without the right maintenance they quickly become a pain to work with. To be honest I’m a bit lax when it comes to cleaning my brushes and leave it until they are so full of product they are almost impossible to work with.


I’ve never had a lot of luck with brush cleansers in the past and had the most success with Johnsons Baby shampoo, but even that couldn’t shift the thick, creamy contour product from my brushes. Then I came across Bobbi Brown conditioning brush cleanser. If I’m pushed for time, I can get away with running my brushes under a tap before rubbing a bit of product in and rinsing, but I’ve found that soaking the brushes in warm water first, helps the product to be more effective. If the brushes have been soaked, the Bobbi Brown Brush Cleanser really foams up, which brings up the leftover makeup products hiding away in the brush. I then wrap the brushes up in a towel and leave them to dry overnight. By the morning my brushes are good as new, with no damage to the bristles as all. I’d really recommend giving this product a try!



Note: Prices correct at time of purchase.


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