** Fisher Price – Little Monsters Range Review **

This month we have been testing out the new ‘Monsters’ range from Fisher Price, which included the ‘Fun Feelings Monster’, a ‘Press n’ Go Monster Truck’ and the ‘Hungry Monster Maze’. When these arrived in the post, the boys couldn’t get the boxes open quick enough, so I knew we were onto a winner from the word go!



Fun Feelings Monster


I’ve been looking for a way of exploring emotions with the boys for a while. Monkey is at that stage where he understands more than he can say and keeps getting really frustrated at not being able to communicate with us properly. Over the past few weeks, he started stamping his feet and biting when he gets really worked up and so we have been trying to find a way of explaining this to Bear, who isn’t quite three yet. I tried quite a few different sensory play, crafts and storytelling activities, but I wasn’t quite explaining as well as I wanted to. That was until we were sent this little guy!


This little monster has three emotions, ‘happy’, ‘shocked’ and sad’. Each emotion has a different music that plays when that emotion is on show and the emotions can be changed by batting the roller face.


I sat down with Bear and discussed what sort of things might make us happy, such as dancing or talking a trip to the park and he then found the face that he thought would match that feeling. We then did the same with ‘shocked’ and ‘sadness’. When we talked about ‘sadness’ we discussed how it would feel to not be able to tell people why we are sad or if people didn’t understand when we did try to tell them and how that would make us frustrated. This really helped Bear understand why Monkey lashes out sometimes and has since started trying to help Monkey calm down by getting him different toys or asking if he would like a cuddle. So although this toy is suitable from six months, we actually found it more helpful to be used as a tool to explore emotions with our (almost) three year old.


The Fun Feelings Monster is suitable from 6 months and currently retails at £14.99



Hungry Monster Maze

If I’m being honest, I didn’t expect this toy to be quite as much of a hit as it was. The boys absolutely love this toy and it is perfect for keeping them entertained while I’m cooking dinner.


The Hungry Monster Maze comes with six coins, which can be fed into the monster through two slots and every time the monster is fed a coin, his eyes light up and music plays. There is a flap which can be lifted so the coins come straight out, or this can be pushed down so that the coins gather up in the monster’s tummy.


Not only do the boys love this toy, but it is really easy to interact with in a range of ways. The coins are different colours and numbered, so it opens up a lot of conversation with little ones. I’ve actually found that this toy has helped the boys to share, because they have taken it in turns to feed the monster his coins.


The Hungry Monster Maze is suitable from 6 months and currently retails at £19.99.



Press n’ Go Monster Truck


This is quite a simple toy, you push down on the monsters head to make it move across the floor on its own. If I’m being completely honest, I found this one a little underwhelming because when you do push down on the monster’s head, it doesn’t actually go very far unless being used on hardwood floors or tile. That said, it isn’t stiff or difficult to use, which is perfect for little hands but I think as my two are that little bit older they got a bit bored of it after a little while.


The Press n’ Go Monster Vehicle is suitable from 6 months and currently retails at £12.99.




These are really good value for money, especially the ‘Fun Feelings Monster’ and ‘The Hungry Monster Maze’, which both my 18 month old and my (nearly) three year old love playing with. The new Monster range is also really easy to interact with and opens up a lot of conversation with children about emotions, colours and numbers.



*Note: We were sent the new Fisher Price Monsters range in return for an honest review.



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