At home with Mr & Miss. C – April 2017

I thought it would be a really good time to do a family update, because it’s been really hectic over the past few weeks, a lot has been going on and I thought I would take a bit of time to catch you all up with what has been going on.


Before Christmas I told you about how I was working with a chiropractor and a physio to help me repair the muscles damaged by pregnancy. The physio has since signed me off and recommended I start taking a Pilates class, which I now do twice a month. As my body has started to strengthen, I’ve really been able to focus on getting back into shape and since August last year have lost 5 inches from my waist, lost over a stone in weight and dropped 3 dress sizes. I’m still not quite where I want to be though, so I’ve signed myself up to the Joe Wicks 90 day SSS plan. I’ve been using recipes from his shift and shape cook books, but it will be good to have portion sizes that match my size and physical activities, meaning I get the results I want a lot quicker. I’m really excited to get started and will of course be letting you know all about the results on my graduation from the plan.


In my last update, I also mentioned taking a counselling course at a local university (which I passed). I absolutely loved this course, but found myself diverting back to something I have been thinking of since I graduated my degree nearly four years ago… psychology. Psychology is a subject I’ve been passionate about for a really long time and I find learning about how our minds work extremely fascinating. So this week, I took the plunge and applied for a place on a Psychology masters degree. I personally feel that this course opens a lot more doors than the counselling course I was initially looking at and now it’s just a case of waiting to see if I’ve got myself a place! I’ll keep you all posted.


The boys have had a very busy few months to be honest, with lots going. Both Bear and Monkey are moving up to the next room in nursery. Bear will now be in the lower Preschool room and Monkey will now be in the older toddler room. I think it is a good time for Monkey to move up if I’m honest, he is physically very advanced, but like Bear isn’t quite so quick with his speech. I’m hoping that by being with slightly older children, it will encourage his speech a little bit. As for Bear, he is a bit reluctant to start potty training. I’m very much in the ‘he will do it in his own time’ camp, but I don’t think a little nudge in the right direction would hurt. I’m hoping by moving up to the next room, he will see a lot more children who are potty training and start thinking about ditching the nappies.


This year I will be applying for Bear’s primary school place (how did that happen?), so I’ve spent a lot of time researching and visiting local schools. We are very lucky with the schools we have locally and they rank very highly within the national tables, as well as winning national and regional awards. I had a look around a few of the schools, but found myself drawn to one in particular. I loved how much they invest in outdoor learning and are very keen to educate their pupils about diversity through their Religious Education programme. It is only recently that Bear has become a lot more confident and outgoing, but we decided it would be better for him to have as much as a smooth transition as possible, so have enrolled him in the preschool attached to our desired primary school. We know he may not actually get a place at that primary school, but we felt that if we were lucky enough to get a place, the fact he had attended the preschool would stop it being such a big change for him.


We are very outdoorsy and love exploring new places, so now the weather is heating up and the rain is subsiding a little bit, we have started to take a few days trips. We recently took the boys on a snowdrop walk at Rode Hall and Gardens, the boys had such a lovely day and enjoyed seeing all of the wicker animals dotted along the trail.


We also decided to visit York for Mother’s Day. I love how much history we have here in the UK and think it can be taken for granted and overlooked slightly, so we are determined to travel to as many wonderful places in the UK as we can with the boys. We took a picnic with us, which we ate in a lovely park on the outskirts of the city, then we took a stroll through the winding streets of York to the cathedral before heading to a country pub overlooking some of the picturesque Yorkshire moors on the way home. It was amazing to visit somewhere new, the boys didn’t mind the long travel time either, which we are hoping is a good sign considering we are only a few weeks away from our Northern Europe road trip.


In other news, we recently had a dinner party with some of our friends. It was the first time we had met one of our friend’s husbands, but Mr. C got along so well with him that they arranged to go rock climbing. Mr. C has never gone rock climbing before, but he really enjoyed it and has developed a bit of an interest in it. Mr. C has also decided that now the weather is warming up, he is going to start going out with a local cycling club again. He tends to be a bit of a workaholic, so I think some more time to himself will do him some good and I think sometimes we can get under each other’s feet a bit, so if I’m being honest, some more time to ourselves will probably do us some good.


It is nearly Bear’s 3rd birthday, but as it falls on Easter Sunday, we decided to host his birthday party the weekend just gone. We left it up to Bear who he invited, so it was mainly children from our social circle, but he also invited a friend from nursery. Bear asked for a ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ cake and liked a two tier one that came up on a google search. By some miracle, between myself and Mr. C we managed to make one reasonably similar. Bear was so happy with his cake, which made the stressful, mad dash to get it finished in time all worth it.


We were extremely lucky with the weather and we all managed to get in the garden (although our dinner party was the night before, so some of us were nursing sore heads). The children all had such a lovely time and after everyone left, we all settled down for an afternoon of movies and cake. Bear and Monkey had such a lovely day and we felt so lucky to have made such wonderful friends since moving here.


Finally, if you haven’t noticed already… my new website design is now live! There are a few sections that are all set up but won’t be added to for the next few months, such as our travel and YouTube sections, but generally everything is finished! It’s been a very large learning curve, because now I’m self hosted I’m in control of every aspect of my blog. My aim is to build up my blog a bit more and start looking into advertising and affiliate links. Although I don’t want to make my blog a money making machine, it would be lovely to have it pay for some of our travel plans over the next few years.



I’m aiming to write a family update every two months this year, so expect the next one in June. Until then you can keep up with more of our adventures on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as following me on Pinterest.



Emma xx


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8 thoughts on “At home with Mr & Miss. C – April 2017

  1. Gosh school applications – time really does fly! Hope it all goes well. Psychology is also something that really interests me, there’s just so much to learn/discover about human responses and behaviours. All very interesting!

    Helen x

  2. We are at the stage of potty training our grandson too. Luckily it will be left up to mummy and daddy with us just offering support. We absolutely loved York, it is such a wonderful city to visit and I had forgotten the little streets near the cathedral. I hope you manage to get into the school you choose too.

  3. Aw bless you, poor thing sorry to hear about the muscles. Congrats on the weight loss that is incredible you are doing so well hun . Massive congrats on passing your course as well, good luck with the masters course too x

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