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If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will know that I love doing creative things with the boys. I’m always creating small world scenes, baking cakes and cracking open the paints, so I was more than happy to take part in Wicked Uncle’s ‘creativity’ campaign. For the ‘creativity campaign’ I was given a voucher to spend on any items that fell under ‘creativity’ on the Wicked Uncle website.


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There is a lot of choice on the Wicked Uncle website, so it is hardly surprising how many different categories they have for the selection of products they stock. The way the site’s categories are set out makes it a lot easier if you are looking for a gift for a child with strong interests. For example, a friend of mine has a very intellectual little girl who loves science, so if I was to look under the ‘Brainiac’ category I would find a lot of different things that would appeal to her. However, I was a little disheartened by the distinct split between the ‘Boys Section’ and the ‘Girls Section’. I’m really opposed to gender specific marketing, so for me the this was really off putting and if I’m being completely honest I find it quite disappointing.


The Service

When ordering, you have the option to gift wrap the individual items on the order. I decided not to do this as there was an extra fee for this option and instead just included a little note from me to the boys. The delivery charge is very reasonable, but one thing I did notice was that regardless of how much you spend on the site, the delivery charge remains the same.


The contact from Wicked Uncle pending the delivery was great, so I knew exactly where my order was and when the expected time for it to arrive was.


When the order arrived I opened the box to find a very adorable note in it and a ‘Thank You’ card, which already had our address printed onto it. I always find myself getting stressed about sending the ‘Thank You’ notes. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve had to text all of my friends and family to check their addresses, so I thought this was such a lovely and well thought out idea. Personally, the little extras like these are what makes sites like Wicked Uncle stand out.

Wicked Uncle review

Wicked Uncle review


The products

Wicked Uncle’s website aesthetics aside, a lot of the products they stock are actually really good. While browsing I came across a lot of really great products that are unusual and encourage a range of different skills, from gardening and science to engineering and baking. I decided to get one item for each of the boys so they each had something. There is a great range of products that fall under creativity and loved some of the music and garden themed toys, but as the boys already have a lot of musically focused toys and we spend a lot of time in the garden anyway, I focused on art and baking.


Monkey is really into drawing and painting, but he is one of those children that can’t keep clean so he ends up covered in ink and paint. It seemed only logical to get him an Aquadoodle, which meant he could continue creating wonderful pieces of artwork, but without destroying his clothing, my carpet or the walls.

Wicked Uncle review - Aquadoodle


The Aqaudoodle works by drawing, painting and stamping on it with water. It comes with a fabric ‘paintbrush’ that you dip into water, three stamps with different shapes and two water pens. When you draw on the mat, the water changes it from white to a rainbow of different colours. Once the children have finished playing with it, you leave it to dry before being able to start again.

Wicked Uncle review - Aquadoodle


Even though this was chosen for Monkey, Bear also loves play with the Aquadoodle. I’m not opposed to creating lots of mess while playing, but it was nice setting up the Aquadoodle and leaving the boys to play on their own without having to watch Monkey like a Hawk in case he tried to eat ink or paint. The stamps work by clicking the pens into them and waiting for the water to seep through from the pens, which in theory is a great idea but in reality didn’t work very well. The paintbrush and pen work incredibly well though, so I don’t think the boys were overly bothered about the stamps not working properly.

Wicked Uncle review (5)

Wicked Uncle review - Aquadoodle


Life has been very hectic lately, so myself and Mr. C haven’t spent as much one on one time with Bear as usual, which I think he has been struggling with a little bit. For this reason I decided to get him an activity based product and settled on the Flowerpot Bread Making Set.

Wicked Uncle review - Flowerpot Bead Making kit


The Flowerpot Bread Making Set comes with a packed of bread mix, a packet of yeast, four small terracotta pots and a list of instructions. It is simply a case of mixing the ingredients together, adding water and flour, lining the pots, putting in the bread dough into the pots and baking in the oven. So the set is very easy to use, even if you aren’t very good at baking.

Wicked Uncle review - Flowerpot Bead Making kit


I really love this set because the ingredients are already measured out, so it is just a case of mixing them all together. Bear had such a great time making the bread that he even asked to help do the washing up afterwards.

Wicked Uncle review - Flowerpot Bead Making kit

Wicked Uncle review - Flowerpot Bead Making kit

Wicked Uncle review - Flowerpot Bead Making kit


As the pots are terracotta pots, it means we can reuse them in the boys’ sensory garden. Now the bread is eaten we are heading to the garden centre to pick out come plants to plant in them, so you can actually make two activities from this set if you want to.



I really enjoyed my experience with Wicked Uncle, but the general split between ‘boys toys’ and ‘girls toys’ does let it down in my opinion. That said, I found working around this quite manageable and thought the selection of products available were really good. The products I ordered for the boys were really high quality and the prices were extremely competitive. I really liked the added extras like the personalised note and the thank you card and thought they made it that little bit more special for the boys. I’d recommend giving Wicked Uncle a try if you haven’t already, especially if you are stumped for what gift to buy or are looking for a gift that is a little bit different.


Note: I was given a £40 gift voucher to spend on Wicked Uncle’s site in return for an honest review.


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  1. I thought Wicked Uncle was a person! Now I know and will have to go and explore their website. I like the funny thank you notes: admitting to breaking something?! Great ideas and lots of fun

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