** Kinetic Rock Crusher Review **

Bear love loves diggers and digging. So much so, we actually built a ‘diggers area’ into the garden when we landscaped it, he spends hours out there digging away in the dirt with his little yellow digger toy. When the weather is a bit too cold or a bit too wet, he can’t spend a lot of time out in the garden, so I jumped at the chance to review the new Kinetic Rock Crusher. Effectively it is a small world play, that works around a construction theme.

Kinetic Rock Crusher


I am a huge fan of small world play and it is something I know Bear gets really involved in, so I had no doubt he would adore this toy.


It does require a bit of assembly, but it is just a case of slotting things together and it only takes a matter of minutes. The box itself also doubles up as a mini construction site, which makes it really quick and easy to set up as a small world play at all. Perfect for a impatient toddler.

Kinetic Rock Crusher


The kinetic rock itself is really hard when you open the packet, but breaks up and becomes softer once you start playing with it. The texture of it is really odd, it’s rough but also very sticky. I mounded it to make a construction scene and then left it. When you stop playing with it, it sets and becomes hard again.

Kinetic Rock Crusher


There are several different aspects of this toy to play with. There is a little builder figure drilling into the rock, a digger and a ‘rock crusher’.

Kinetic Rock Crusher

Kinetic Rock Crusher


To be honest the builder was completely useless, he just kept falling apart and so we just left him as ornamental piece at the edge of the construction scene.


The rock crusher was a bit temperamental. Sometimes it worked great, other times the rocks would get stuck and Bear would pass the crusher to me so I could poke the rocks through. To be honest though, this was more frustrating for me than it was for Bear who loved putting the rocks through it before scooping them up with his digger.

Kinetic Rock Crusher


Bear loved the digger, he kept scooping up the rock, putting it into the back of the digger and then pretended the truck was driving around the living room. We then removed the container on the back of the digger and started again.

Kinetic Rock Crusher review



Bear absolutely loved this toy! In fact I would go as far as to say it has quickly become one of his favourites, he asks me to set it up every morning and will happily play with it for hours. Bear is at that age now where he is really starting to develop a vivid imagination, so he has been creating whole scenarios of creating cities and train stations. However, there is a down side to this toy for the parents. This stuff gets everywhere. The rock is quite sticky and the box doesn’t really contain it, so it got all over the carpet, stuck on clothing, on the sofa… literally everywhere. The instructions say to dab stray bits with a clump of the kinetic rock as that will gather it together, but this didn’t really work for us. So after every play, I had to put our socks and Bear’s clothes through the washing machine with the rock still stuck to them and then I had to hoover up the rest of the stray kinetic rock, so after a few plays the amount of rock is dramatically less than when we first got the toy. Overall I would say The Kinetic Rock Crusher is a really great toy, but only if you can handle the mess.



The Kinetic Rock Crusher is for ages 3+ and currently retails at £20.00


Note: I was sent the Kinetic Rock Crusher in return for an honest review.


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11 thoughts on “** Kinetic Rock Crusher Review **

  1. I haven’t dared to try any of the kinetic stuff yet although my children have nagged me for it a few times. I like the idea of the little digger set more than just the sand as it becomes more of an actual playset.

  2. I’ve been looking at buying this for Oscar but now I’m not so sure lol. I don’t mind a bit of mess, but if anything sticks to the other half’s socks he goes mental! The pieces look really nice and well made though. Maybe I should get it in the summer and just let him play with it in his regular sand pit!

    Louise x

  3. We’ve had kinetic sand before and the kids love it, but this rock one looks totally different! I think my son would have loved this a few years ago as he was really in to building and stuff.

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