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When it comes to teaching the boys about the world around them, one of the main things I express to them is that we only have one planet and so it is extremely important to protect it in any way we can. I make a point of teaching them about conservation, but the best way to teach children is through example. It doesn’t take huge changes and the smallest of things can really help protect the planet for future generations, things like choosing eco-friendly nappies.


According to RecyclingBins around 7 MILLION trees are cut down each and every year to make disposable nappies, that is a really staggering number. However nappies like Bambo Nature carry The Forest Stewardship Council Label, which means that they are made from materials sourced from sustainable woodland.


Eco-nappies: Bambo nappies review


I came across Bambo Nature Nappies when I was pregnant with Monkey a couple of years ago at a baby show I went to, but it was the end of the day and Bear was getting a bit grouchy so I ended up having to leave before I was able to learn more about them. However, recently they launched their new website and were looking for bloggers to spread the word about them, so I sent them a message. They got back to me and I was sent an individual pack of nappies for Monkey to try out.


So what do we make of Bambo Nature Nappies?

Honestly? I absolutely love these nappies. Whenever Monkey is teething, his skins gets really sensitive and nappies can cause him a lot of irritation, leaving a nasty nappy rash. Since using Bambo Nature nappies however, the nappy rash has gone down quite a lot.

Eco-nappies: Bambo Nature nappies review

Eco-nappies: Bambo Nature nappies review


Soft on sensitive skin

A lot of the time chemicals are used to whiten nappies, but that isn’t the case for Bambo Nature nappies. Instead of chemicals to whiten them, oxygen is used, which is not only better for the environment, but it also makes them softer on the sensitive skin.


Amazing absorbency

Monkey currently wears a size 5+ nappy, but they started to leak at night time so during the night he has been wearing size 6. Luckily because Bear is in size 6 nappies, we already have some, but if we mix the two up it means stripping down the cot and scrubbing the mattress, which is a real pain. We can’t use size 6 all the time either, because they are slightly too big, so leak when Monkey is very active throughout the day.

Eco-nappies: Bambo Nature nappies review


I’ve been trying the size 5 Bambo Nature nappies and the absorbency is actually much better than the brand we usually use and we haven’t had one leak, even at night time. I was a intrigued to see if this was coincidence, so I did a test using a cup of water. During the test the Bambo Nature nappy actually absorbed more of the water and a lot more quickly, compared to the other nappy I tested. They also fit really well, so even when Monkey is very active during the day we don’t have any issues with leaks.

Eco-nappies: Bambo Nature nappies review



Okay this is the only negative when it comes to these nappies, they are more expensive. The difference in price will vary, but for us, we worked it out to be between £3 and £6 (per child) more expensive, compared to what we usually use based on pack size. That said because they are more absorbent it has actually meant we have used less nappies.


Bundle packs

We like buying nappies in bulk, it’s nice to have a good stock so that we don’t get caught without nappies and have to make a mad dash to buy some more. Conscious Parent have come up with the perfect solution to this and sell Bambo Nature Nappies in different sized bundles. Individual packs are available, but they it is also possible to buy them in bulk to last a week, 2 weeks or a month.

Overall what do we think of Bambo Nature nappies?

I’m a huge fan of Bambo Nature nappies. They fit really well, are very soft on Monkey’s skin and they don’t leak through the night. I also love that they aren’t as harmful to the environment as other disposables. We have tried other eco-friendly nappy options before such as cloth nappies, but we didn’t get along with them long term, so for us these are a really great alternative. I do find the price of Bambo Nature nappies a little bit off putting, because with two children in nappies, it is between £6 – £12 per week extra on our weekly expenditure. However, that is a price we would be willing to pay because no chemicals are used to whiten the nappies, meaning they are better for the boys’ skin and because of the overall lower impact they have on the environment.


Note: This is a sponsored post and we were sent an individual pack of Bambo Nature nappies for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are my own.


Would you give Bambo Nature nappies a try? If you already have, what do you make of them? Let me know in the comments, on Twitter, Instagram, or on Facebook. You can also follow me on Pinterest.

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29 thoughts on “** Bambo Nature nappies review + giveaway **

  1. I’ve seen these nappies before, but never really known anything about them until now. They sound perfect for babies with sensitive skin 🙂

    Helen x

  2. Interesting post. Gosh 7 million trees I didn’t realise the figure was that high. It’s really difficult isn’t it balancing price and being eco friendly. Interesting what you were saying about leaks at night as we are having exactly the same thing at the moment with same size nappies. I’ve entered your competition so hopefully I’ll get to give them a go.

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