** Capturing moments with Tipitoe **

Children grow up fast don’t they? It seems like they are barely a baby before they are suddenly a preschooler and you’re sat there filling out primary school applications. When your pregnant or a new mum, people always tell you how fast it all goes don’t they? They always say “treasure the moments, because before you know it they will be all grown up.” I don’t think I really realised just how quickly the years would go by once I actually become a mother.


Capturing the moments while the boys are still small is such an important thing for me. We have been saving their clothes so that we can turn them into a patchwork blanket and last year we made sure we had a family photo shoot done so that even when the boys are grown, we have something to look back on. One thing we never got around to doing however was getting a print of the boys footprints and it is something I’ve been promising myself I will get around to before the boys get too  big. Then last month I was asked to review the Tipitoe Footprint Imprint Kit, so I of course wanted to give it a try.

Capturing moments with the Tipitoe Footprint Imprint Kit


The packaging is just adorable, all the little quotes on it made me feel a bit emotional if I’m honest. The border around the area you imprint has lots of words that describe children and family, which I personally thought was a really nice touch.

Capturing moments with the Tipitoe Footprint Imprint Kit

Capturing moments with the Tipitoe Footprint Imprint Kit

Capturing moments with the Tipitoe Footprint Imprint Kit

Capturing moments with the Tipitoe Footprint Imprint Kit


The area where you make the imprint is made from a foam, so it isn’t messy and is really soft on little feet. It is really easy to make an impression on the foam, which is great because babies and toddlers can get a bit restless, but I found myself having to be really careful with it and make sure I didn’t leave any finger marks on the foam.


As there are two windows for two feet, we decided to make an imprint of both of the boys. So we got them ready for bed after a nice bath and then set about making the prints. We did Monkey’s print first which was really easy to do and it came up really well. Bear was so eager to follow suit that he scrunched his toes up and the print came out a little bit messy. He was a bit confused and upset about why it didn’t come out as well as Monkey’s, but when he saw me laughing he seemed less upset about it. Memories aren’t about perfect after all, they are about the moment.

Capturing moments with the Tipitoe Footprint Imprint Kit


Once we finished the imprint, I popped the clear plastic sheets into the windows ready to put on display.

Capturing moments with the Tipitoe Footprint Imprint Kit


The Tipitoe Footprint Imprint Kit currently retails at £15. I personally think it is a good, cheap alternative to getting an imprint done in a shop, but there is the risk it may not turn out perfectly. I really like this kit and think it is such a lovely keepsake for parents. It would make a really lovely gift for Mother’s Day or for a new parent.


I tested the toddler sized footprint kit in blue, but Tipitoe also have a handprint range. Both ranges come in both baby and toddler sized kits, that are available in pink and blue.


Note: I was sent this product in return for an honest review


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19 thoughts on “** Capturing moments with Tipitoe **

  1. I love this and the fact it isn’t messy, perfect for little feet. I would have loved to do something like this with Archie but with his Autism & sensory issues I don’t think I’d be able to get his foot anywhere near!

    1. It is a really lovely keepsake. Would Archie be okay with you drawing around his feet? You could then cut them out, paint them and mount them on some card? It could be a special project you could work on together? Thank you for commenting.

  2. What a beautiful idea, I erally wanted to do this with mydaughter, i hope she is not too big now, she will be three soon and this would make a perfect gift and something to cherish for years to come. x

  3. It’s great that it isn’t messy and so easy to do. Let me know if you decide to give the Tipitoe imprint kit a try. Thank you for commenting.

  4. aaaw this is cute! I saw this type of things in movies and always though it would be sweet to get one the day I’ve got a baby x

  5. I love looking back at things like this as they don’t stay tiny for long. My eldest is now 6ft 2 with size 12 feet lol

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