Spring themed sensory play

Now the weather is warming up a little bit, I’m trying to get the boys outside as much as I can. I love doing messy play outside because it involves very little tidying up afterwards. This spring themed sensory play activity is particularly good to do outside because the boys love getting muddy and if I’m honest, I really don’t like mud being traipsed through my house, through our kitchen with white tiles or over our cream living room carpet.

Spring sensory play


You will need:

  • A tray
  • Compost
  • 3 x small pots
  • A small spade
  • 3 x carrots




  • Fill tray with compost
  • Arrange the small post and carrots on top of the compost
  • Push the spade head into the soil
  • Play!



Way to interact with this activity:

  • We buried the carrots in the soil and pretended we were gardeners digging them up
  • We made mud ‘castles’ using the pots
  • We dug holes



Things to talk about:

  • You could use a range of different vegetables with this activity. We used carrots so talked about their texture, their colour, what meals we eat them with and what other animals eat carrots.
  • We talked about what we put in pots and then looked around the garden for spring time flowers such as snowdrops, crocus and daffodils.
  • We talked about the texture of the soil and how plants need soil to grow.
  • We counted how many carrots and pots there were



This is a really easy activity to set up and the boys has hours of fun with it. I left it out in the garden all day and they kept going back to it. The boys both had a spade each and worked together to dig the hole, which is really good for their communication skills and encouraged them to take turns.


Spring sensory play





Once they were finished with the activity, I filled up some pots of soil and they went off to their mud kitchen to bake some mud pies. It’s a good time of year to start laying compost onto the flower beds, so after filling up a few pots for their mud pies, I sprinkled the rest on the borders ready for spring. I then cleaned up the carrots and threw them into our stir fry, so by the end of the day there was no mess left and the first of my spring time gardening chores were done. Everyone’s a winner!


What do you think of this activity? Will you be giving it a go this spring? Let me know in the comments, on Twitter, Instagram, or on Facebook. You can also follow me on Pinterest.

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8 thoughts on “Spring themed sensory play

  1. That sounds like such a good idea. I wish I’d done it with my son. Lots of learning through simple things, plus no mess afterwards. That’s a win all round in my books!

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