Really easy spring-time daffodil craft

Spring-time is upon us, which I’m very excited about as it’s my favourite season. I love the freshness that comes with spring, the baby animals, the warmer weather and the fresh bout of colour as the spring time flowers start to pop up. One of the first of flowers to rear their head after a chilly winter is the much loved daffodil and so it only seemed fitting to do a spring themed daffodil craft with the boys. It’s such an easy craft that even if – like me- you aren’t very crafty, this is one for you to try.

Spring-time daffodil craft


You will need:

  • Cupcake case
  • Green pipe cleaner
  • Yellow card
  • Green card
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Sticky tape

Spring-time daffodil craft




  • Cut a daffodil flower shape out of the yellow card


  • Cut a leaf shape out of the green card


  • Take a piece of sticky tape, fold it back on itself and then stick it to the bottom of the cupcake case

Spring-time daffodil craft


  • Place the cupcake case onto the daffodil flower shape and press down

Spring-time daffodil craft


  • Take the pipe cleaner and bend it at the top and then stick the pipe cleaner to the back of the daffodil flower shape using sticky tape

Spring-time daffodil craft


  • Take a piece of sticky tape, fold it back on itself and then stick it to one side of the leaf.

Spring-time daffodil craft


  • Finally place the leaf onto the bottom of the pipe cleaner

Spring-time daffodil craft


This is such an easy craft to do with children, especially if you cut the shapes out in advance. Both Bear and Monkey loved this daffodil craft and weren’t best pleased that I hadn’t cut out more shapes for them. I already had everything that I needed to do this craft, so I didn’t even need to spend anything stocking on supplies.


As we were doing the craft, we discussed the colour of the daffodil flowers, compared to the leaf and the stem. We then talked about where else we might see green in the garden, such as leaves on trees. Bear is nearly three now and is much more aware of the world around him. While doing our daffodil craft he told me how bees visit the flowers and I elaborated by explaining how bees collect pollen from the flowers.

Spring-time daffodil craft

Spring-time daffodil craft


Monkey is that little bit younger, so I spent time labelling things such as flower and stem. I also explained the colours and the textures of the items we were using such as, the pipe cleaner being fuzzy, the card being smooth and the sticky tape being sticky.

Spring-time daffodil craft


We had such a great time doing this activity, next time I’ll be cutting out more shapes so the boys can make more of our very own daffodils.


Note: All arts and crafts activities must be supervised by an adult. I nor Our Fairytale Adventure hold any responsibility for any damage or injury caused while taking part in this activity.


What do you think of our daffodil craft? Would you try it with your little one? Let me know in the comments, on Twitter, Instagram, or on Facebook. You can also follow me on Pinterest.


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10 thoughts on “Really easy spring-time daffodil craft

  1. I saw this on Pinterest earlier on and I thought it looked so pretty. Even better that it is fairly simple to make! Anything that reminds me that spring is not too far away is a winner in my book!

  2. Funnily enough I was just saying we should do this at pre-school. Will show them your post as it is a great idea

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