Travel Plans for 2017 – Northern European Road Trip

The idea of packing up a car and heading for Copenhagen with two small children in tow may sound a little crazy, but that is exactly what we are doing at the end of May this year.


Initially we decided to head to Northern Norway around October time to see the Northern Lights, but after pricing it up, we realised financially speaking that didn’t make much sense. So instead we have split the plan into two, with one trip being to see the Northern Lights and the other being a road trip to Copenhagen.


Travel plans 2017 - Northerm European Road Trip


So with our plan in place we sent off Monkey’s Passport application and decided to start saving. Just before Christmas we did a huge clear out, anything we no longer had use for went up for sale. Old Pandora charms I never wear and hold no sentimental value were the first to go, followed by toys and baby products we no longer have use for. Just through selling things that were gathering dust we managed to raise £1200 for our trip. We have until May to save the remaining £1800, which theoretically gives us plenty of time. Some people may think our budget is a bit extravagant, but when travelling with children we decided it is best to have too much than too little and any extra we have when we return can go towards our next big trip.


We are aiming to do our road trip within 12 – 16 days, although have left enough room in the budget for a few extra days is we need to. It’s the first time we’ve travelled overseas since we had Monkey and become a family of four, so it is going to be a learning curve for us all. The first part of our trip will take us to our first destination, Bruges, Belguim. Initially we planned to head from our home in the North West straight there, but decided that was a little bit too much driving in one day and have since decided to stay in Canterbury, Kent the night before our ferry crossing.


We’ve set a rough plan that splits the journey into manageable stints of driving, but we don’t want it set in stone just in case we like somewhere and fancy staying an extra night or two. Alternatively we may plan to be somewhere for a few days, but actually just stay for the afternoon before moving on or we could decide to head to a different town or village to the one we initially planned. I guess that is one of the joys of a trip like this, not having to stick to the plan.


The rough plan

  1. Bruges, Belguim
  2. Kinderdijk, Netherlands
  3. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  4. Giethoorn, Netherlands
  5. Hamburg, Germany,
  6. Copenhagen, Denmark,
  7. Schwerin, Germany
  8. The Harz Mountains, Germany
  9. Paris, France


This is the first of our big adventures as a family, so is really the trip to ease us into the bigger plans we have for the next few years, which I will be blogging about later on.


Have you been to any of these places? Is there anywhere else you would recommend? Let me know in the comments, on Twitter, Instagram or on Facebook. You can also follow me on Pinterest.

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28 thoughts on “Travel Plans for 2017 – Northern European Road Trip

  1. Oh amazing!! Jono and I want to do something similar but our plans are now on hold until we’ve married as money is now being put towards a wedding! I’ve been to Amsterdam, Bruges and Paris and loved them all and we’re off to Copenhagen (although toddler free) in March! Can’t wait to hear all about your travels! xx

  2. Wow this sounds like such an amazing trip. I’ve done Paris, Amsterdam and Copenhagen and have to admit Copenhagen is one of my favourite places. The zoo there is amazing and they have the largest aquarium in Northern Europe so great for kids! x

  3. Wow that sounds awesome. We’ve been to Paris, Amsterdam and Copenhagen without our son and loved all of them. I look forward to reading all about it and hopefully get some hints and tips from you about long car journeys with kids in tow. We hope to do a European road trip in the future but decided to go big and have a USA road trip planned for September. So all hints and tips for big miles with little people will be much appreciated. Our first car journey is a mammoth 10 hours to get to our starting destination.

  4. We did loads of trips like this with our kids when they were younger . Paris is amazingly child friendly with loads of great galleries and carousels at all the big attractions to keep Les enfants happy. Take them for a ride on a horse drawn carriage around Bruges! They will live the cafe culture and Europeans are so kind to children

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