Family pumpkin carving… OH THE JOYS!

I’ve decided to put this post out there, because… well mainly I want someone else to tell me they also failed at Halloween this year!

Family pumpkin carving


Around the middle of October people everywhere started posting perfectly posed social media images of their children picking out pumpkins, so begins the Halloween holidays. Now this is where I’m not sure if my children are broken or if other people are just lying about their perfectly executed family Halloween.


I decided against going to pick our own pumpkins, mainly because I couldn’t cope with dragging a pushchair around a bumpy field while stopping my toddler trying to use pumpkins as a football. Instead I ended up at 3pm on Halloween rushing to the greengrocers desperate to get one before they run out… because I’m organised like that.


At the greengrocers there were a lot of pumpkins left, in my relieved state, I decide to make a batch of pumpkin soup and a few pumpkin pies, which means I need two large pumpkins. Only how will a toddler carve a big pumpkin? So I grab another smaller pumpkin too. You can never have too mny pumpkins on Halloween! I leave the pumpkins at the shop door and go in to pay. I feel like I’m earning back good parenting points after leaving buying a pumpkin so late.


On leaving the greengrocers, I collect my pumpkins… which look a lot bigger now that I have to carry them home. Huge in fact. Perhaps I was a bit hasty buying so many huge pumpkins that weigh more than my toddler. Realising my error, I call Mr. C and beg him to bring the car into the village and have to admit deciding not to drive when on a mission to buy pumpkins was probably a very bad idea.


While I wait for Mr. C to grab the car, I evict the toddler from the pushchair so I can throw the pumpkins in and hope that they don’t fall out. The baby, the toddler, myself and the pumpkins then struggle our way into a coffee shop while we wait for Mr. C. Finally Mr. C arrives… his face says it all! The big pumpkins were definitely a bit ambitions. But it doesn’t matter, we will get home and have the best pumpkin carving evening known to mankind! The whole family will love it and it will be glorious!


After dinner, we clear the table and set about gutting the pumpkins. I make sure everyone is aware we are keeping the flesh for my pumpkin soup and pie… nobody listens and the baby keeps trying to eat it. This is not going to plan. Nursery told me the boys loved doing pumpkin carving today… the liars!


After about two and a half minutes, the baby and the toddler get bored of gutting the pumpkins throwing pumpkin guts at each other and choose to go and find something from their toybox to play with. It all got a bit competitive once the kids left the table… who was going to carve the best pumpkin?!


So just to recap… while myself and Mr. C got competitive about pumpkin carving, the children are doing this…

 Family pumpkin carving


and this…

Family pumpkin carving 




Anyway after all of the competition, the kids not liking pumpkin carving after all and my house being trashed, we end up with two carved pumpkins to stick outside for the three trick or treater’s we are expecting. All in all, a rather failed pumpkin carving attempt. Never mind, pass me the Santa hat, we start the Christmas build up tomorrow.

 Family pumpkin carving


How did everyone else get on with their family Halloween pumpkin carving? Let me know in the comments, Twitter, Instagram or on Facebook. You can also follow me on Pinterest.

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13 thoughts on “Family pumpkin carving… OH THE JOYS!

  1. Love this Emma! After several years of attempting to carve pumpkins this year Matt and I walked past the pumpkins in sainsburys and both said to each other… shall we bother… nah!

    It’s so hard to scoop them out, Matt ends up doing it! And I’m not the biggest fan of pumpkin!

  2. There are loads of activities that are better suited to adults than kids and I think pumpkins are one of them ! I always get antsy they were going to make a mistake or chop a finger off. Your’s look good though !

    1. My boys are a bit too young to be actually carving them, but they didn’t even like hollowing them out! Thank you for taking the time to comment 😊.

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