Crafty homemade swords

We are currently learning about castles. This is my favourite theme so far because I’m hugely interested in medieval history and I’m a sap for a good fairytale, so I may be dragging this one out for a while. As the weather is getting a bit gloomy, I decided to create an arts and crafts project that we could use later in the day for a role play activity and settled on the idea of making some swords.

Crafty homemade swords


You will need:

  • A medium sized cardboard box
  • A felt tin pen
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Sequins
  • Paint
  • Foil


Step 1: I started by flattening a large cardbox we had kept and then drew the outline of a sword.

Crafty homemade swords


Step 2: Cut out the sword shape.


Step 3: This is the part that Bear could get involved in, painting. Together we painted the handle of the sword brown and the blade of the sword black. We don’t actually own any brown paint, so I also used this as a bit of a colour mixing exercise as well. The painting itself doesn’t need to be perfect, to be honest most of it ends up being covered up. I just liked adding an extra element to the craft, that encouraged creativity.

Crafty homemade swords


Step 4: Leave to dry.


Step 5: Now it’s time to decorate your sword. There are lots of ways to decorate your swords, from painting and drawing to attaching crystals. Personally, I opted for sequins because Bear loved sticking sequins onto our fish craft and so I decided to try this activity again in a different way. I spread glue on the handle of the sword and then left a box of sequins next to Bear. This way he could decide what colours to use, how many to use, and where to put them.

Crafty homemade swords


Step 6: To create the silver effect on the blade of the sword I decided to use foil. I ripped a sheet of foil into strips and then wrapped the strips individually around the blade of the sword. Once the blade was covered, I then glued down the loose ends and left to dry.

Crafty homemade swords

Crafty homemade swords


Step 7: Leave to dry.


Step 8: By the time the swords were dry it was time to cook dinner, so I left the boys and Mr. C to their knightly duel and started cooking. Their duel lasted quite a while, sequins flew everywhere and if I’m completely honest I’m not sure who had more fun.

Crafty homemade swords


Note: All arts and crafts activities must be supervised by an adult. I nor Our Fairytale Adventure hold any responsibility for any damage or injury caused while taking part in this activity.



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How to make craft homemade swords


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