Harvest tractor sensory bin

This week is farm week, which we kick started by taking a trip to a local working farm (you can read about that here).


On the way home we passed a tractor that was cutting down the crops in a farmer’s field, which was the inspiration for this sensory activity.

Harvest sensory bin

What you will need:

  • A tray
  • Porridge oats
  • Toy tractors (we decided to use some with trailers)


I filled a tray with porridge oats and added a few different tractors. We all had so much fun filling up the trailers with oats, then driving them up and down the tray.


This activity was a great way of showing Elijah (11 months) textures and matching up actions to words. I talked to him about how the oats felt rough, then picked up the oats and sprinkled them back into the tray while I said ‘sprinkle, sprinkle, sprinkle’.

Harvest sensory bin


This activity is great for opening up a conversation with a toddler about where our food comes from. I explained to Oliver (2 years) that farmers sow their crops in the spring, let them grow through the summer and then harvest them in the autumn. I explained how wheat is used to grind into flour, which is used to make our bread and then talked about what other foods a farmer could grow for us to eat.

Harvest sensory bin


Harvest sensory bin


*Note: This activity isn’t edible. All sensory activities, including this one should be supervised at all times. Neither I nor Our Fairytale Adventure hold any responsibility for any accident or injury caused while taking part in this sensory activity.


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8 thoughts on “Harvest tractor sensory bin

  1. Brilliant idea! My 2 yr old is tractor mad at the moment so will love this 😊 Could you please tell me where you got the tray from, we have a bigger tuff tray but looking for something smaller for activities like this and struggling to find anything suitable.
    Thanks for sharing!

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