The bare minimum

I love natural look make up, mainly because it is quick and easy, but also because it requires the bare minimum.

The bare minimum make up look


For today’s make up look, I used Clinique’s superprimer and beyond perfecting foundation and concealer for the base. This is such a great combination because it really lifts and lightens, which I definitely need from time to time. I then swept over my cheekbones with Clinique’s true bronze pressed powder bronzer and added a touch of a Rimmel powder blush on the apples of my cheeks. I kept the eyes simple with light earthy eyeshadow, a natural eyeliner style and a flick of mascara. Then I used Rimmel’s professional eyebrow pencil and finished off the look with a sweep of a Maybelline lipgloss. It took me about ten minutes and didn’t exactly take a lot of concentration, which came in handy considering the sprogs had an intense interest in my makeup box this morning.


Clinque – True Bronze Pressed Powder Bronzer (£24:50)

Clinique & Rimmel - The bare minimum make up look

Now, I’m going to take a minute to talk about Clinique’s true bronze, pressed power bronzer. This was an accidental buy when I was topping up my foundation (sorry Mr. C). I do already have a perfectly okay bronzer (as Mr. C kept reminding me), but this one looked so new and crisp, so I added it to the basket. So this morning I decided to try it out and now it is on my must have list. There is nothing worse than wearing heavy makeup that doesn’t let you skin breathe, so I love how light this bronzer is. It is fantastic to wear for a natural look, but it very easy to build it up as well. When I can’t be bothered with contouring, I just build it up in the hollows of my cheekbones and it works a treat.


*Note – Prices correct at time of purchase


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