Visit Cheshire – Visit Tatton Park

Tatton Park is one of our family favourites for a local day out. There is so much to do you can make an entire day out of it or choose to do very little and meander around the grounds.


The Gardens

Tatton Park gardens are quite unusual because there are so many different styles. Apparently when the Egertons owned the estate, instead of changing their gardens with the times, they would just take some land from the parkland and create a new section, which over the years has lead to an extremely varied garden.



I actually prefer visiting Tatton Park gardens in late spring opposed to the height of summer, which is different from most of the other gardens throughout Cheshire. The lake in the gardens themselves are awash with colour in late spring because of the Rhododendrons surrounding it, which is beautiful enough in itself, but then when you see so many ducklings bobbing around in the lake as well, it really is a breath taking sight.


Tatton Park gardens



The Japanese garden is so tranquil and calming, it was actually the inspiration behind our planting scheme near the pergola in our own garden. It is a shame you can’t actually enter the Japanese Garden outside of the tour times, but even sitting on the edge of it you can really see the beauty of this garden.

The Japanese garden - Tatton Park


The kitchen garden is definitely one to take a peek at if you are interested in starting your own fruit and vegetable patch.

The kitchen garden - Tatton Park


Despite the gardens being very beautiful, they aren’t the tidiest, which does let them down slightly. But I’d highly recommend a visit to them regardless.


The Farm

The farm itself is actually quite small, but it does house a number of rare breeds and like everything else at Tatton Park, the farm is also steeped in history.

Tatton Park farm


Oliver is a bit of an animal nut, so he loves visiting the farm and Elijah is always fascinated by… well anything.

Tatton Park farm

During our visit in the spring, we got to see the day old piglets and on our most recent visit, Oliver got to feed the chickens and he saw a cow poo (which was apparently a highlight as he hasn’t stopped talking about it).

Tatton Park farm

Tatton Park farm


The Food

There is a designated BBQ spot, which is a lovely touch in the summer and there are also a range of places to grab a bit to eat in the Stableyard. During out visit to Tatton Park in the spring, we stopped in at the gardeners cottage, which was extortionately overpriced. For a pot of tea, three sandwiches and two pieces of cake the bill came in at just over £40! The sandwiches weren’t even that nice, so on our return trip we took a picnic, which cost less than £10 to put together and if anything tasted better.


Visit Cheshire – Visit Tatton Park

Tatton Park is a really wonderful place to visit and somewhere that you couldn’t fully explore in one day. There are so many fabulous events on at Tatton Park from the foodies festival to the RHS flower show. This year, Tatton Park are celebrating Roald Dahls 100th birthday with a Roald Dahl trail throughout the estate and lots of fun events throughout the year.


Tatton Park has so much to offer, including a vast amount of parkland that is teaming with wildlife, including deer, a playground area for children and a vintage carousel (which Elijah loved).

Tatton Park carousel


There is an entry fee to the estate (which was £6 per car on our visits), but after that the cost of the day is up to you. You can choose not visit any of the attractions, take a picnic and just meander around the parkland, which wouldn’t cost you anything other tan the entry fee. Alternatively if you don’t mind spending a bit of money, you could visit all of the attractions and grab a spot of lunch on site .If you do decide to stop in at more than one of the attractions I would suggest buying a ‘Totally Tatton Ticket’ which actually saves you quite a bit of money.

Tatton Park playground

Tatton Park playground


We love visiting Tatton Park, so would highly recommend it for a day out.



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