I’m going to #BML16

It’s very nearly time for one of the biggest blogging events of the year, Brit Mums Live and this year I am actually going.


This is a really huge thing for me, because this is the first time I will be having a night away from my little family on my own. I’ve not really had any time to myself since I was pregnant with Oliver and that was over two years ago now. I’m already feeling so anxious, know I will feel completely homesick and will in touch with Mr. C the whole time needing updates. Which is actually part of the reason I decided to go this year, because I need to start doing things for me again.


As I live in Cheshire and Brit Mums Live is being held in London, I’m travelling down the night before and as London isn’t too far away from my hometown, I am of course using it as an opportunity to have dinner and bubbles with one of my best friends from school. It’s going to be so lovely to catch up, especially as we haven’t even had a chance to have a conversation on the phone lately.


Anyway, in preparation for the conference Brit Mums has arranged this fabulous little Linky as a bit of an ice breaker and so without further ado, here it is…


My Name: Emma

My Blog: ‘Our Fairytale Adventure’ – I launched it in September last year, just before I gave birth to Elijah. I wanted somewhere that I could document our little family life and keep my family and friends updated.


Our Fairytale Adventure - Parenting and Lifestyle blog


Find me on Social media at:


How I look: I’m a bit of a munchkin being under 5ft, with brown hair, brown eyes and olive skin. I normally wear my glasses but tend to take them off for photos (not including the one below obviously)… My Mum used to tell me they made me look geeky and I’m pretty sure it’s scarred me for life! The chances are I’ll be standing somewhere at the edge of the room, looking a bit lost, smiling a bit too much and looking slightly socially awkward.



Is this my first blogging event: Yes! This is my blog’s first year, so this is my first blogging event. I’m not really all that sure what to expect to be honest, but I’m sure it will be a really lovely day.


I will be wearing: The chances are that I will be wearing a maxi dress and flip flops because I can’t do heels anymore and I want to be comfortable throughout the day. It is also looking like we may have a summer this year and from memory the South is warmer than the North, so I’ll dress accordingly. I’m hoping to get a nice yellow or white one, they are absolutely my summer colours and always make me look far more tanned than I actually am.


What I hope to gain from #BML16: I’m really looking forward to meeting some other bloggers and to learn a lot about blogging as a whole. I tend to find events quite motivational and meeting like minded people usually sparks inspiration of some sort.


My tips for a great conference: This is my first blogging conference, so I don’t have any tips but please do come and say hello, it’ll stop me looking so awkward!



Are you going to Brit Mums Live? Let me know in the comments, on Twitter or on Facebook.

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5 thoughts on “I’m going to #BML16

  1. Your blog is so lovely. Sounds like flats are the way to go (maybe I’ll pack some heels for the evening for fun plus we’ll be sitting down for the awards bit!). Looking forward to my first BML too. 🙂

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