Children’s book review // Welcome To The Zoo

I often talk about books that are wonderfully wordy and have fabulous rhythm, but what if a book hasn’t got any words at all? How do you read a book to your children if there are no words to read? ‘Welcome To The Zoo’ by Alison Jay is a wonderfully enchanting wordless story book, filled with colourful and entertaining characters. The illustrations are beautiful and can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. There are so many things to see, from the runaway dog to the polar bear eating an ice cream, children will enjoy finding all of the different stories and little details the entire way through their visit of the zoo.


Children's Book Review - Welcome To The Zoo


This was actually an accidental buy. I was looking for a book online about zoo animals and stumbled upon ‘Welcome To The Zoo’. Without even reading the description properly I added it to my basket, I mean it did have a five star rating after all.


When ‘Welcome To The Zoo’ arrived on my doorstep, I decided Oliver and I should open it right away and read it. So imagine my dismay when I realised there were no words in the book, just pictures. With an eager toddler waiting for some form of magical story, I had to improvise and in doing so I found that in these stunning pictures were many different stories. Because the book is made up entirely of pictures, the stories throughout are open to interpretation, which means that the stories can change each time they are read.


Oliver has a great time pointing out all of the animals and has been learning how to make the same noises as them. Whenever we reach the monkey page we jump around the living room acting like monkeys (something Oliver finds hilarious) and when we reach the rhinos we stomp our feet.


The last page has a search and find element, where you can go back and look for different objects that you may have missed at first glance. I find that books with these activities at the end keep children interested and help make reading together more interactive and enjoyable.


Although not what I was expecting, this is such an enjoyed book in our house. Oliver is always more than happy to flick through by himself and will settle himself on the sofa to have a browse. ‘Welcome To The Zoo’ comes highly recommended from us.


Children's book review - Welcome To The Zoo by Alison Jay
Oliver loves settling down on the sofa with a good book.


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